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A capella choirs with and without instruments

serve vocal classics
in every style

5 Männerstimmen imitieren Instrumente mit ihrem Mund

A Capella vocals as real
as a whole band of instruments. 5 sympathetic young men will moderate with their enthusiastic joy of playing through their program with titles from the Golden 20s of the unforgettable Comedian Harmonists, the 50s, about rock, pop to the present.

Vierstimmiger A Capella Gesang

At the cocktail reception
4 men with nostalgic charm will sing earwigs from old UFA sound films, both open air and in the midst of the audience. These A Capella artists have wit, style and irony and play charming music of bygone times and the present.

A Capella Salon- und Unterhaltungsmusiker

You may already know polyphonic singing
but have you really experienced “A Cappella Entertainment”? These A Capella artists present musical sophistication with wit, charm, irony and style within a multi-faceted program of charming salon music.

A Capella Gesang mit 5 dynamischen und phantastischen Stimmen

Excellent voices present fantastic arrangements
and vocal experiments full of pop songs, from traditional evergreens to jazz. These A Capella musicians serve Vocal Classics in a unique new style and sing songs from yesterday and today with satirically funny lyrics


A Capella Quintett singt Mister Sandman

Mister Sandman

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