Aerial Acrobatics

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Trapeze acrobatics – Cloth acrobatics – Strapats – LED ring acrobatics – Vertical saxophone show – Flying saxophone show –

Aerial Acrobatics

For the guest, it looks light, almost weightless, supple and aesthetic, when the trapeze artists, aerialists, aerial ring acrobats, straps swing daringly through the air. Powerfully aesthetic, sensually beyond gravity, these artists swing through the air.

The aerial artist, trapeze artist or trapeze artist fascinate by their body control and daring to swing at a height of 30 meters. The elements of trapeze art consist of swinging, propping, balancing, hanging and jumping.

Cloth Acrobatics Cloth Acrobatics


Scarf acrobatics – solo as a duo or 4 to 6 scarves hung across the room . The cloth material was presented for the first time in the late 80s in Paris at the Circus Festival by Cirque Du Soleil. There the material was invented and suddenly the whole event world (the word event did not exist yet) wanted to have this kind of performance and the special stretchable material. The material is stretchable with an unbelievable load-bearing capacity and still slightly transparent. The artists wrap themselves in the cloths, develop themselves in an aesthetic pose and remain in the splits or hanging upside down. Special wrapping techniques let spectacular litter, which always causes applause.

Vertical Saxophone - Vertical Violin - Flying Saxophone- Flying Violin

Our flying musicians flying violinists or flying saxophonists show a crossover show that begins above the heads of the guests and ends between the guests on the ground accompanied by rhythmic drums. DJ – Charthits then lead with the musicians in the party-dance-night over

Flying Sax – Vertical Sax

Flying Violin – Vertical Violin