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Animateurs entertain on every event and entertainment in direkt contact, with style and sensitiveness.

Queen Elisabeth Double mit großem Gefolge

This surprise was successful
when suddenly a royal guest from England shows up for your event: Queen Elizabeth herself. Like the British original, the Double travels with her motorized escort, butler and chauffeur and unexpectedly confronts her guests with Her Majesty’s visit.

Amüsante Animateure in Hahnkostümen

These entertainers, dressed in sumptuous rooster costumes, welcome guests with a fun wind instrument cocktail. Entertainers always offer a welcome change, whether among the guests, in the midst of the guests, on the tables or between the show elements, at the entrance or for theinterruption and relaxation of a meeting. The audience is  in the middle of the game.

Stelzenläufer Duo in weißen Phantasiekostümen

Oversized illuminated stilt-walkers
in fabulous costumes make contact with the audience with unique situational comedy. Charmingly, they interact with the arriving guests and the visitors can expect a special kind of encounter. This mysterious appearance of the oversized creatures arouses curiosity and interest.

Tenor Animateur singt in einer Musikbox

On a nicely painted box
with various music titles and buttons, one asks oneself the question of what could happen when pressing a button. The answer is immediate: two swinging doors open and a tenor in a tailcoat appears, reciting the currently selected song. And suddenly, as the box opens, the doors close again and so begins between tenor and guests a lively exchange and the joy grows from song to song.

Die Köpfe unsichtbar im Kostüm versteckt verblüffen die Animateure ankommende Gäste

Living, seemingly headless beings
your guests react to this welcome with curiosity and amazement. Offer your guests the red carpet. Our stilt walkers in fabulous costumes, stand by entertainers, fake cops and lyre box musicians will welcome each of your guests individually before entering. Walk around Waitresses and waiters serve your guests fun and comedy before the opening of the buffet.

Animations Duo in Müllabfuhr und BSR Kostümen reinigen die Straße unter unmöglichen Verbiegungen

Disguised as garbage men
the duo tries to clean the pavement for the arriving guests with hilarious bends. Here, the two show the full range of their acrobatic skills, never knowing who is up or down, is it two or is it one? A turbulent number that leaves your guests no time to breathe

Animations-Duo sorgt für Unterhaltung mit lustigen Slapstick Einlagen

Disguised as service personnel
our entertainers provide entertainment, unexpected interactions with the public with slapstick inserts, sleight-of-hand tricks, pantomime and magic. They provide entertainment, make the audience laugh and amaze with Slapstickeinlagen, sleight of hand, pantomime and magic. Humorous comedy and skits, make guests laugh with satirical contributions about celebrities or examples from everyday life. We are happy to put together your own animation.



Easter shopping

sprechender Roboter auf der Schulranzenparty in den Bahnhofspassagen in Potsdam

The speaking robot

singender Elefant auf der Ambiente im Raddison Blue in Frankfurt

The cycling and singing elephant at Raddison Blue Hotel in Frankfurt.

Animation mit Sprechendem Sofa, Stelzenläufern, Damen Streichquartett und barocker Gesellschaft

A speaking sofa and animateurs in baroque costumes in Recklinghausen.

Der kleine Elefant spricht mit allen die sich ihm in den Weg stellen

Der barock gekleidete Stelzenläufer unterhält die Gäste mit Hofgeschichten


Das alte Berlin, hier darf der Leierkasten nicht fehlen

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