Queen Elisabeth Double with large entourage

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This surprise is successful when suddenly to your event a royal guest from England appears: Queen Elizabeth herself. Like the British original, the double drives accompanied by her motorized escort, with butler and chauffeur and confronts unawares your guests with the visit of Her Majesty.


Amusing entertainers in rooster costumes


Dressed in gorgeous rooster costumes, these entertainers welcome guests with an enjoyable cocktail of wind instruments. Entertainers provide a welcome diversion at any time, whether among guests, in the midst of guests, on tables or between show elements, at the entrance or to interrupt and break up a meeting. The audience is right in the middle of the action.

Stilt walker

Oversized stilt walkers in fabulous costumes make contact with the audience with unique situation comedy. Charmingly they interact with the arriving guests and the visitors expect an encounter of a special kind. This mysterious appearance of the oversized beings arouses curiosity and interest.


Stilt walker duo in white fantasy costumes
Tenor entertainer sings in a music box

Animation with music

On a beautifully painted box with various music titles and buttons, you ask yourself what could possibly happen when you press a button. The answer is immediate: two swinging doors open and a tenor in tails appears, performing the song you just selected. And abruptly as the box opened, the doors fall shut again and so begins a lively exchange between tenor and guests and the merriment grows from song to song.


Living, seemingly headless beings,

…your guests will respond to this greeting with curiosity and wonder. Offer your guests the red carpet. Our stilt walkers in fabulous costumes, stand by entertainers, fake police officers and organ grinder musicians will greet each of your guests individually before they even enter. Animation waiters and waitresses serve up fun and comedy to your guests before the buffet opens.


The heads invisibly hidden in the costume entertainers amaze arriving guests
Animation duo in garbage collection and BSR costumes clean the street under impossible bends

A turbulent number

Disguised as BSR garbage men the duo tries under hilarious bends to clean the pavement for the arriving guests.

Here the two show the whole spectrum of their acrobatic skills, you never know who is up or down, are there two or is it one?

A turbulent number that leaves your guests no time to catch their breath.

unexpected interaction

Our entertainers provide entertainment as service staff disguised for entertainment, unexpected interactions with the audience with slapstick inserts, sleight of hand, pantomime and magic.

They provide entertainment, make the audience laugh and amaze with slapstick interludes, sleight of hand, pantomime and magic. Humorous comedy and sketches, make the guests laugh with satirical contributions about celebrities or examples from everyday life. We are happy to put together your own animation.

Animation duo provides entertainment with funny slapstick interludes


For Easter shopping in the Bahnhofspassagen in Potsdam, our toadstools entertained the little and big shopping center visitors in moving decorations with their walkacts and children’s face painting. With us, you can book all these artists.

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Our talking robot on a bicycle at the Bahnhofspassagen shopping center in Potsdam. (right) →

← Our bike-riding and singing elephant amused the 400 guests of Arc International at the Raddison Blue Hotel in Frankfurt. Booked at Künstlervermittlung Berlin. (left)

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A talking sofa and animators in baroque costumes entertained the guests at the opening of the shopping center: Palais Vest in Recklinghausen. (right) →

← Only 1 meter tall, but cheeky as snot he doesn’t put up with anything from unpleasant adults. To children, he is extremely affectionate and to the ladies the charming gentleman. (left)


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They know each castle garden very well, are dressed appropriately for the era, and entertain the audience with dialogue about bygone eras. (right) →

← An organ grinder woman as in Zille’s time, the typical image in Alt-Berlin on streets and backyards, original costumed plays first an excerpt from Rondo Veneziano and then sings and plays the song: “as once Lili Marleen”. (left)

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