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Black light Shows and LED Shows of artistic, music and art

Visualize your brand, logo and slogan

Choose LED Light Act

The versatile Black Light act and LED Light Shows can be tailored in a number of ways to suit your vision. It can include from two to five dancers and circus artists likewise can vary in show length from 10 to 30 minutes.

New LED pixel poi technology, this innovative UV Light Show Act can incorporate, photos,  graphics, logos and personal messages, ideal corporate entertainment for companies looking to promote a new product, their brand or for themed events. Strolling around LED Stilt Walker or muscicians with LED instruments can entertain during a welcome reception. LED LIGHT Hula Hoops, Light Juggling Cube, LED Cyr Wheel LED BUUGENG or Visual Pixel Poi Shows, these are names of hi-tech-equipment that along with precise choreographiec, dance art, circus performance and acrobatic performances make the LED LIGHT Show on the stage a unique entertainment for any corporate venues and events.

Book the black light show or LED Show for vibrant colours and flamboyant costumes, combined with dynamic choreography create an unforgettable form of light based entertainment that will have guests talking about your event for years to come.

To book this incredible UV cabaret act and add instant wow-factor to your next event with, contact me !


With the help of art and LED Light Show

company logos, conference slogans, slogans are visualized subsequently even more firmly established in the brain of the guests. Black Light Shows and LED Light Shows fascinate most important give the feeling to have defeated the law of gravity.


Video mapping dance show

An innovative projection mapping experience filled with lights and sounds. This technology is similarly to the LED Light Show but different to the Black Light Show.
Sensational video mapping dance performance will take guests on engaging journey of the company.
Choreographers dancers and video mapping experts can create bespoke shows and graphics.
Video mapping act can be customized with logos branding images text etc.
Perfect for product launches corporate events technology themes and  space themes.

Video mapping show
with furniture is created in front of your eyes, everything is an illusion. Colored and moving pictures are drawn live and at the same time projected onto walls via projectors and animated.


Live Painting

with live painted and animated stories made of light, projected on large surfaces on canvases or screens, a complete story is created in front of the guests’ eyes. The Show history can take up company logos and company stories as well as product developments.

Everything is staged with suitable music and really comes to life in front of the guests. New techniques enable individual image levels to be moved independently of one another. Moving worlds appear.




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