LED show

Black Light Blacklight LED Show

Modern computer technology – LED laser technology

Blacklight - Blacklight - LED Show

Black light performances or black light performances act in a completely darkened room or stage. By means of a special lamp light source – the black light lamps shines everything brighter or neon-colored and everything black steps optically into the background. Thus for the guest a pig world is created and objects can fly imaginary over the stage, disappear and appear suddenly as from the NOTHING.

LED light shows function similarly. In the dark room appear with artists LED technology on stage and create a fast-moving, whirring illusory world.

In its original form, these performances are pantomimic, non-verbal- show theater.


LED Show

LED means a diode that imitates or transmits light. This new technology has not only moved into all households and offices, but also into the event world. Here musicians act with LED light in or on their instruments. Costumes are imaginatively fitted with LED light elements and special technologies on the LED costumes allow for programming ranging from company logos, company colors to slogans that light up in the middle of an LED show. This programming for a 5 minute show can take days as each programming needs to be rehearsed. Important for all shows is a darkened – black room condition and before the eyes of the guests a fantasy world to let develop. In the shortest time there will also be LED shows that can be played during the day