Singer / Singer booking

You want to book a vocalist? They come to special occasions like weddings, parties and corporate events to provide entertainment with live music. They can be accompanied by a live guitarist, keyboardist or a full band.

It is possible to hire a singer for any genre of music. From:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Pop
  • Soul
  • to Opera

Nothing will wow your guests and make your event more memorable than a great live music performance!

A live singer will add excitement and real sparkle to a wedding, anniversary or party. When you book a singer for a corporate event, it brings great excitement to occasions like product launches, dinners, and award ceremonies.

Whether you want to wow the crowd with a distinctive voice at a party or birthday bash, or you need background music for a cocktail party, booking a singer can do the trick!

Important questions

  • What kind of event are you planning?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • What age group and musical tastes do your guests have?
  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

We have a complete guide with lots of tips on how to find the right singer or vocalist for your event.

And remember, if you don’t find exactly the right singer for your event in our directory, just use our contact form or call directly! We’re guaranteed to find the perfect male / female singer for your event.

Tips: Booking singer / singer

Booking the right singer is easy with our guide. We’ll help you so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy a fantastic and memorable event.

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That all depends on what kind of event you are planning. In this list you will find the different types of singers you can hire in your area.

Are you looking for a charismatic artist who can sing and play like Sheryl Crow or Ed Sheeran? Would you like to be serenaded down the aisle on your big day or set the mood at dinner? Or do you need live music to draw people in at a trade show or a business opening?

Guitar Singer / Guitar Singer are perfect for smaller events like wedding receptions and for hotels and restaurants that could use some music to entertain. With soft songs that stay in the background, they can add a warm atmosphere to any dining room or lounge area. Or, with their rousing renditions of pop, jazz and folk hits, they can get people talking, singing along and having fun!

Guitarists who sing are ideal for venues with a small stage area. They can perform unplugged if needed (i.e. without a lot of technology and amplification).

At Künstlervermittlung Berlin you can find musicians who cover everything from the Beatles and Neil Young to Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling. Their repertoire often goes beyond the usual guitar music as well. Guitar singers have a wealth of popular hits to choose from and can mix rock songs, jazz standards, soul, pop, reggae, slow songs and upbeat chart music so that everyone at your event can enjoy some great sing-along moments.


The catalogue of music by pianist singers / pianist vocalists includes timeless classics by Ray Charles, Elton John and Billy Joel. As well as newer favorites by Coldplay, Jamie Cullum and John Legend.

The piano is such a versatile instrument that a singing pianist can play:

  • pop hits,
  • dance tunes,
  • rock songs,
  • soul music,
  • romantic ballads

and much more!

Nothing creates such a warm atmosphere on your wedding day as piano music. It’s a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. While your guests enjoy themselves in between photos, speeches and cutting the cake.

A pianist singer is also an excellent choice for a cocktail party or after dinner entertainment. Where they will deliver slow piano ballads and soft jazz, adding elegance and flair to the occasion.

Female vocalists are very popular and are often requested for:

  • Weddings,
  • Corporate Events,
  • Birthday Parties,
  • Award Ceremonies,
  • Fairs,
  • Conferences,
  • Dinners

and much more.

There is something very special about a female vocalist who conveys emotion and intensity in her tone and delivery. Full of expression and with a fantastic range, she can make her way through the pop hits of Beyoncé, Whitney and Mariah, or delight the soul with wonderful versions of Aretha.

She can also make your party rock with Cher, sway with Tina Turner or bounce with Katy Perry. Or she can set an unforgettable mood with Amy Winehouse.

Whether you prefer classic pop, soul, piano ballads, dance, rock, jazz or a little bit of everything. A vocalist performing some of the greatest songs ever written will leave your guests speechless.


Are you a rocker at heart? Then you should hire a male singer who specializes in music from the 50s and 60s. They can wake up even the sleepiest crowd with lively versions of songs by Elvis, Chuck Berry and the Beatles! 😉

Are you organising a 16th birthday party? A modern male singer can perform chart-topping hits by Bruno Mars, to the delight of all the teens in attendance.

We all love to hear our favorite songs performed by a professional singer! Here at Berlin Artist Agency, we have an amazing selection of male singers for you to choose from!

Whether you are planning an office party or a family gathering. It is the job of the lead singer to get the crowd clapping and singing along and to create exactly the mood you want. From modern pop and soul to jazz and swing, we’ve got all eras and genres covered.

There’s no question that having a live singer for a wedding is much more exciting than just hiring a DJ. Although, of course, you can always do both so there’s someone to keep the dance floor full. Your guests will be thrilled!

Forget awkward or stuffy corporate events. Why not hire a male singer who will expertly break the ice and loosen up colleagues and clients! Before you know it, their fabulous voice will have you dancing the night away with your co-workers and giving everyone plenty to talk about in the office the next day!

If you’re hosting a retro or vintage style event, you definitely need a jazz singer! Turn out the lights, fill your glasses, and get that special feeling when one of our talented jazz singers performs songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Michael Bublé.

If you’re planning a Mardi Gras-style event, don your feathers and pearls and let the good times roll with some New Orleans swing and rhythm and blues. If you’re planning a Twenties theme, it’s best to opt for 1920s Chicago jazz with hits by Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong or Jelly Roll Morton and invite your guests to dress up as gangsters!

Of course, jazz singers are also perfect for wedding receptions, cocktail parties and after-dinner entertainment. They add a mellow mood with soft sounds to any sophisticated event.


Want to add a touch of class to your event? It doesn’t get much more glamorous than hiring an opera singer. Imagine hearing live the spectacular arias made famous by Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas and Plácido Domingo.

José Carreras will be with you in spirit as your guests revel in some of the most exquisite music ever written. Including selections from Mozart, Puccini and Strauss.

Like other solo singers, classical singers can either perform with pre-recorded background music (the quality is remarkable these days) or be accompanied by a live pianist.

Classical singers are particularly well suited to weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, dinner parties and aperitifs. For a truly unique experience that your guests will remember for years to come, be sure to check out our selection of classical and opera singers: Go to Artist Search.

Other popular categories of singers include Singers & Dance Acts and more recently a growing number of bookings for A Cappella groups.


When planning your special day, you may want to hire a singer to add a touch of magic to your wedding. Hiring a professional singer to sing your favorite romantic song while you walk down the aisle is a wonderful way to make the moment truly memorable for you and your guests.

Imagine a pianist and vocalist singing Elton John’s “Your Song” or Coldplay’s “Fix You” while your guests arrive or you walk down the aisle. There won’t be a dry eye in the house! You can also book a singer to provide light background music during your reception. This will create a casual and relaxed atmosphere between speeches and photos.

After the ceremony, you can book a professional wedding singer to set the mood so that friends, family and the happy couple can fully relax and enjoy the day.

At your drinks reception, you can also create more energy with upbeat songs to set the tone for the evening festivities to come.

Hiring an artist to sing for you on your big day is a unique and special way to begin your married life together and will create memories that you can both cherish forever.

This depends on:

  • how much experience the artists have,
  • with how many musicians they perform,
  • how far they have to travel to your event
  • and what kind of event you are planning.

Here is a rough guide to the different price ranges:

  • Solo singer / guitarist / keyboardist: approx. €600
  • Singer + guitarist / keyboardist (duo): approx. €800
  • Singer + 4 or 5-piece band: €800 – €1500

Singers and bands charge more at the most important times of the year like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Of course, we all have to watch our budgets and costs can quickly mount up at an event. But it’s worth paying for a reliable singer who will turn up on time and deliver great entertainment.

We can help you find the perfect singer/songwriter for your occasion and budget. With our easy-to-use artist directory, you can search for the best singers and then use the contact form to request a no-obligation quote.


Set lengths (continuous playing at a stretch) for singers vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Two 45 or 60 minute sets are typical, but this can be discussed when you contact the act and singers. They are usually happy to accommodate any requests.

If your event is to last all day, you can speak to your chosen singer and agree a schedule together. Additional or longer performances will cost more, so keep your budget in mind.

Many singers can offer acoustic sets as well as a full band lineup. Either way, your guests can enjoy background music during dinner or between sets. This will be less expensive than hiring multiple artists.

When choosing a venue, consider what type of event you are planning and how much space you will need.

Is your singer performing solo or with other musicians? If it’s a piano singer, does he play a large piano or an electronic keyboard? Will you need extra space for a DJ or emcee? Is there room for equipment such as speakers? Is the room large enough for all of your guests? Is there parking and easy access so set up is simple?

Size of stage

Even though your singer will usually stand still while singing, they will need some space to feel comfortable and give their best. We recommend making sure your stage is the right size for your singer and any backing musicians.

Backstage area

Although not all singers expect the luxury of a fully stocked dressing room, they do need a space away from guests, ideally with a mirror, to change, warm up and relax between sets. A small room or back room is often sufficient.