Beautiful artist performs the high art of aerial artistry on the chandelier a harmonious powerful acrobatics choreographed to modern and exciting music.

Aerialists merge with their cloth

Our attractive aerialist moves gracefully
in her beautiful outfits high in the air, seemingly floating, then again powerful and explosive in a fall down. The ups and downs of life, emotionally and captivatingly implemented to the music and the apparent lightness brings the audience to dream.


Aerialists soar on their trapeze like birds in the air

like birds in the air

They lift gravity and float like birds in the air
They build figures that quickly dissolve again and lines that look like painted.
They merge with their cloth, vertical rope, straps or trapeze to a whole.
Their aerial acts captivate in their diversity and their perfection.
A powerful and daring, with risky throws and catch figures and unique performances with music to the elements of air and water.


Vertical Cloth

Courageous ladies on red vertical cloth
Heavelessly they rotate breathtakingly fast in the air to bend right after slowly into each other. Double, duo, trio, 4 compartment cloth, up to 6 cloths.
We stage vertical cloth shows for trade fair productions, solo or duo trapeze performances, on bungee cords or own stand apparatus.

Unique performances with music to the elements air, fire and water on the vertical cloth
Sensual and technically perfect aerial acrobatics on the net


Our aerialist winds gracefully above the heads of the audience
and has been thrilling audiences for years with her “aerial acrobatics on and in the net”.
With the elegance of a ballet dancer, she presents the poetic dream in her net.
In the course of time, she has further refined her sensual and technically perfect performance.
As if weightless, she celebrates her dance of the air and thus ensures enthusiasm among the audience.


The dramatic music underscores the bath of emotion into which the audience is plunged as they watch this breathtaking aerialist in a floating sphere.
A demonstration of grace, elegance, and class.


Elegant aerial acrobatics in a floating and opening sphere


Aerial acrobat under the chandelier, elegant, charming performance to dramatic music.

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Aesthetic and sensual trapeze act, breathtaking and beyond gravity performed by two young female artists at the 31st Circus Festival in Monte Carlo (right) →

← Aerialist under a balloon floating above the heads of the guests. Magical and poetic aerial acrobatics for open-air, fairs and events, with the artist repeatedly making contact with the enthusiastic spectators with the balloon flying down. (left)

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In the beautiful courtyard ambience of the German Historical Museum in Berlin, the 2 ladies show a powerful and daring vertical cloth number, with risky throws and catch figures. A unique performance with music to the elements air and water (right) →

Original vertical cloth trio acrobatics in the style of the new circus, performed by two young female artists and one young male artist, spectacular aerial acrobatics balance to music. (left)

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Artistry in the air, above and inside a glass hemisphere filled with water, an interflowing show of dance and artistry (right) →

Passionate, intertwining artistry of dance and equilibristics performed by a young, very pretty contortionist suspended in a cage in mid-air. (left)

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