Classical music modern, young and sexy presented by a young ladies duo

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The young generation of female classical stars are young, sexy and reinterpret classical music and shine with their own interpretations. This classical ladies duo plays full of joy on e-harp and e-violin, a feast for the eyes of your guests.

Classical solos performed by a sexy violinist

Classical music & Jazz music

Classical solos performed by a sexy violinist
accompany your and your guests’ unforgettable evening in style. She needs no words. In her virtuoso play on an extraordinary, as wonderful instrument this solo violinist expresses her artistic individuality. Talented and professional she plays masterpieces of classical music, jazz music and top chart titles in sexy outfits.

opera, operetta, musical

During her studies she worked out arias and songs
from opera, operetta, musical, art song and can be heard regularly as a soloist in concerts. The harpist performs on request with body painting, in baroque or other period adapted costumes and accompanied by a classical ensemble.


Emotional and expressive musical interpretations on the harp
Attractive classical ladies quartet in changing stage outfits

Ladies quartet

Charming and confident
the attractive lady quartet plays their way into the favour of their audience. In changing stage outfits, they transform into both electronic nymphs and elegant ladies, matching their music from classical to pop. You can book these artists at the Artists Agency Berlin.

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven

This violin quartet is
about 4 young, talented and professional musicians. They play not only masterpieces of classical music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Händel, Schubert, Vivaldi, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, or Shostakovich, but also famous works of jazz music by Gershwin, Joplin and much more.

Men's quartet plays masterpieces of classical music
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← Classical music playing ladies trio with flute, harp and cello stylishly accompanies your and your guests’ unforgettable evening. (left)

Three tenors sing a potpourri of classical opera and operetta songs. (right)

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