Book cover bands Berlin

Book cover bands Berlin book party bands

Book the best Berlin party bands & cover bands with the artist booking agency BerlinFöldessy Entertainment. Of course, with any cover band in Berlin that you want to hire, you can simply call and you will surely find out that you are connected with the best cover band as party band in town. Ask your artist agency in Berlin, you will surely get a professional correct information based on years of experience with Berlin cover bands.

At the end of an informative, friendly conversation, you will surely know which are the best party bands for you and which cover band in Berlin you can hire that fits your ideas and your event.


Why hire cover bands?

Cover bands evoke memories with their songs and their music. This is certainly one of the main reasons why cover bands are booked in Berlin. And the choice of both party bands and styles is huge.

In a multicultural city like Berlin, there are of course plenty of cover bands you can book at the artist agency. Music styles of all countries and cultures.

Whether you want to book a cover band with music of the 60s years, 70s, 80s and 90s, a rock ‘n’ roll band. Even a Bavarian Oktoberfest band or an oriental band, at Földessy Entertainment they will recommend exactly the cover band you want.

The best cover bands?

Doubtless there are somewhere in the country, lots of cover bands for little money. In Berlin, however, the selection is extremely large and only those cover bands were, are and remain on the market, which qualitatively meet very high standards. A Berlin audience is spoiled by high quality standards, which the musicians and musicians correspond to.

Technique light & stage

If you want to book a cover band, about the artist agency Berlin, so you also book an all-round carefree package. We take care of the stage and its construction. Gladly organize for you the complete technology, from the microphone to the sound system to the lighting technology.


Full Service Agency

As a Berlin Full Service Agency we take over, besides the engagement of cover bands. We also take care of the entire process of your event if desired. As a renowned Berlin event agency with the experience it takes to be successful in a greater Berlin area, we know of course everything and everyone, around the event business.

From technology rental to decoration service, caterer, security service. We are also happy to organize wait staff (hostesses, service staff) for your company party, any anniversary celebration, the city festival or street festival, where our Coverbands in Berlin and everywhere else, can provide for good mood and mood. The staff in our Berlin offices of the artist agency will be happy to keep as much written organization work from you as possible.


Mobile Bands Book

Among the most original cover bands you can book at the Musikervermittlung Berlin are mobile bands. Be it neat lady bands or music walking acts as well as marching bands. Marching band as cover band? Of course, the interpretation of the cover songs a band intones is up to the musicians themselves. Although a marching band is expected to exclusively play snappy marching music, many a listener will be surprised because this type of mobile band also interprets very current hits. Just – in the way that the hit song fits a marching band interpretation. Marching Bands, as the name suggests, are on foot and in the middle of the audience. However, they can also give place concerts, which always find an enthusiastic audience. We also arrange jazz musicians who cover well-known jazz music.

Why from the Berlin area?

Booking party bands from the area of Berlin for events taking place in the greater Berlin area is a recommendable undertaking in many respects. On the one hand, you can visit the Berlin party band you want in advance at one of their performances to make sure that you have indeed made the right choice. For another, there is sometimes the cost factor. Partybands from Berlin have short travel distances and do not need a hotel overnight stay.

A party band never comes alone

A party band you hire in Berlin will come with sound engineers, lighting technicians and possibly backup singers on request. These people need to travel, require artist catering and accommodation. Although other bands that are not from Berlin also make good party music. As long as costs play an important role, there are many factors in favor of minimizing them by booking a local band.