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Event DJ – VIDEO DJ – Club DJ – DJANE with live band or show interludes from the singer to the e-violinist or saxophonist with club DJ


Book Event DJ - Book Fair DJ

Event DJ is a versatile DJ who prepares for his customers and takes into account the chart hits of the respective countries as well as the age and the professional world in the music selection and the theme of the event. An event DJ can react spontaneously to moods and desires and additionally coordinates with the client in advance. Event DJs explore the style and take into account unforeseen birthday music or congratulatory tushes or moods that spontaneously develop into a music direction. If suddenly everybody wants to listen to rock music a rock session will be inserted. If the customers want to hear house or club music, this is no problem for the EVENT DJ and the EVENT DJ accompanies the whole event. The CUSTOMER is KING.

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Club DJ

Club DJs are usually known in the club scene and put on a certain style. I.e. the fan base comes for the exact style of music that this DJ and the particular club stands for. The work of the club DJ is creative . The club DJ feels his audience and their wishes – he surprises them with hot club sounds and interpretations. With the music selection and interpretations of the sounds he leads the crowd to musical highlights and creates a fan base through his own style. The work of the club DJ can be considered like an artistic, temporary show with climax.


The club DJ almost always comes as his image is built or more precisely as he simply is – himself !

Event DJ

The event DJ adapts the clothes to the occasion. From the elegant evening suit for festive receptions to the shorts for summer parties.


The Event DJANE is always anxious to score in addition – visually – still to the “CAN” . It goes without saying that an EVENT DJANE is an optical eye-catcher. An exceptionally styled, attractive event DJane who brings the audience to the boil is unbeatable.