Singing Waiters Book


Our singing waiters and waitresses inspire high above the rooftops of Berlin. Tenors and sopranos entertain with classical and the most popular arias of the opera world. In order not to strain the guests too much, our program was expanded with small modern interludes.

Originally costumed artists costumes for a welcome reception in motifs from the flora such as fauna explore the area and the festival visitors full of zest for life. With beautiful shapes during flowing movements, the fantasy figures enchant carefree, loving, and develop their own wit. Astonishing and unique costume designs to create visual experiences in addition to singing waiters as a surprise for all events. Perfect for unique brand experiences, VIP parties, product launch events, and much more. Fantasy – costumes for a welcome reception. Welcome cocktail parties with vendor tray costume 20s vintage. Costumes with LED Light or nature costumes flower, animals further fish costumes style fantasy for club performance shows.

Singing waiters – Fantasy – Costumes for cocktail entertainment

Looking to surprise your guests at a wedding, party, or corporate event?

The Singing Waiters offer you the perfect surprise entertainment for your event. Using classically trained singers further performers we perform an impressive range of music. Our singing waiters greet your guests on arrival posing as real staff. Dressed in the same uniform subsequently working alongside the real waiters or catering team. Your guests will not suspect a thing as we serve with witty charm and professionalism; getting to know guests and building rapport.

Singing waiters – security walk around entertainment

As for singing waiters, we go undercover as waiters getting to know your guests. After hours of undercover work, when the time is right we give you likewise your guests the biggest surprise of your lives. Once revealed, we burst into song performing an exciting & interactive set that you & your guests will never forget. If you are not having a formal dinner please do not worry. This act works perfectly with any format of event from a drinks reception to a party in your own home. Have a look at our video funny waiter performer.