SportAcrobatics, adagio, floor, rhino wheel, antipode,
and partner acrobatics with strength and body control.

On an extraordinary 12m long air track will be jumped flips and somersaults, longitudinal and latitudinal axis turns, on top of each other and synchronously, up to spectacular combinations, double flips and other daring freestyle jumps!

Daredevil and spectacular actions with the trial or BMX bike


What this young guy does on the unicycle, others can’t do on two legs!

He learned unicycling from scratch. Breathtaking, dynamic, cool and with the right amount of youthful charm, he performs one stunt after the next – even blindfolded! “With rock and roll in the luggage” he proves in cool dynamics and with youthful charm that a balancing act is more than just body control.

Not only the ladies are at his feet when he puts his voice to sing or puts his Adonis body in the spotlight. Blindfolded, he rules the bike and “leads a harmonious unicycle marriage.”


The acrobatic performance with the Cube seems to be an action between moment and eternity. Fantastically staged balances with stop effects are like lightning strikes, the turning of the Cube is like that of the wind.

The angular metal in the artist’s hands is always in a process of transformation. The interplay between man and metal is a fast-paced, impressive performance.

Balancing and stopping effects with the Cube
LED shows create effective worlds of form and color


Innovative LED technology artistically staged Effective worlds of form and color. Radiant and luminous. Light and LED shows create fascination because the illusion remains mysterious. The artists combine light effects with show elements such as juggling and dance. As a special program item of an event, the artists ensure an enthusiastic audience and lasting and positive impressions.


Our LED artists presented with a perfect stage show of dance and acrobatics with the motto “My heart dances”.

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Berlin artists perform spectacular stunt shows with numerous somersaults and flips over each other and synchronously, double somersaults and other daring freestyle jumps. Booking artists for sport acrobatics you can at the Künstlervermittlung Berlin.


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