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Want to hire a wedding band or wedding musiciansfor your big day? For thousands, finding the best live wedding bandandappropriate wedding musicians is an essential part of planning their big day.

With over 20 years in the wedding industry and thousands of weddings experience, we are here to guide you every step of the way to your perfect wedding band. 🙂 💃

Our professional live wedding bands are guaranteed to get your guests dancing and playing the best wedding music from every decade.

With a great selection of bands and musicians for weddings, the entertainment can be as unique as you are. From jazz, pop to rock music, you are sure to find what you are looking for. (See also party bands.)

HOW TO BOOK A WEDDING BAND / Wedding Musicians?

If you have found a suitable wedding band on our site, then simply fill out the contact form and mention the name of the band. Then we will contact you with the next steps to create a suitable offer.


what defines us

All the bands on our website have been selected because they meet our strict requirements of what makes a good band for your wedding. This means:

  • fantastic vocals,
  • impeccable music
  • and a professional attitude during the planning and on the wedding day

A perfect wedding band not only puts on a great live show, but also makes sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Punctual appearance,
  • professional set up,
  • polite and courteous treatment of guests

All of these are important factors to consider.

We provide the professionalism necessary to ensure you have complete peace of mind on your wedding day. With thousands of reviews and positive feedback, you can rest assured that you are hiring a wedding band you can trust.


Booking tips

Everything you need to know to book the perfect wedding band or wedding musicians for your event.

How much does a wedding band cost?

Prices vary depending on the lineup and how long the band plays. The average price for a 5-piece band is around 2,000 euros.

Booking a band that is close to your venue can reduce the cost. The hometown of our wedding bands is usually listed on their profile pages. Just ask us – we’ll be happy to help you find the right local band!

You don’t have to limit your search to local bands, though. Perhaps your perfect band is willing to travel at a low cost!

A wedding band or wedding musicians are a group of musicians who specialize in playing live music for weddings. There is a huge selection of wedding bands to choose from. Depending on the style of wedding you are planning and the mood you want to create.

Whatever band you choose, it will help you create a custom ambiance for your special day. Be it the warm, intimate atmosphere of an acoustic band. Or the light, romantic mood of a jazz band. Of course, the fun, rocking feel of a wedding party will also be provided.

Many bands offer acoustic background music to entertain your guests during the day. Towards the wedding ceremony, things get romantic. In the evening, the band provides a rollicking atmosphere.

Wedding bands offer a complete entertainment package. This often includes everything they need for their performance. Including sound and lighting equipment, so you don’t have to rent any additional equipment.

Live bands for weddings are usually the main attraction! They can provide the perfect atmosphere for different parts of your big day. Most can play quiet acoustic music for the ceremony and the exit. They can also provide live background music for the reception.

Evening entertainment can be ramped up with additional band members and instruments to create a dynamic party band. Of course, a live band can also play music for the all-important first dance. In doing so, many wedding bands even offer the opportunity to learn a special song of your choice. If you would prefer to party all night, then some bands also offer a DJ service for this. If not, then you will surely find the right DJ for your party night!

If you have decided to book a band for the wedding, then we recommend hiring them for the entire celebration. This is often easier to organize than having several different artists.

The wedding band’s music is often a great selection of rock and pop music from the ’50s to current charts. The band is sure to get you moving your feet 😉

A repertoire of each wedding band’s music can be found on their profile pages. Most will tailor their setlist to your specific wedding requirements. We’re happy to help with that!

To some degree, the volume of your band will be determined by the lineup, instruments, and room acoustics at your venue. Live bands can deliver rousing performances in the evening. Their volume often reflects this. Typically, it will be in the 95 dB to 110 dB range. It will, of course, be quieter if you choose to have an acoustic backdrop at the reception, for example.

If your venue has volume restrictions, then the band can also provide quieter sounds with an electronic drum kit. Just contact us – we will surely find something suitable! 🙂

The entertainment of a wedding band usually consists of two 60-minute performances. However, many bands will of course play longer if required. For example, you can also split a two-hour performance into three 40-minute performances. Most bands are flexible to fit into your evening. They usually take about a 15-minute break between gigs.

For the evening’s entertainment, bands usually arrive at 6pm, set up and do the all-important sound check between 7.30 and 8pm. Then they change and are ready for the first gig at 9pm. The second gig would then start around 10.30pm and go until midnight.

Many bands offer longer gigs or DJ activities for an extra charge. Then it can also go on until 2 o’clock.

These times are of course only an example. The band will always contact you and adjust their program to your needs.

Most wedding bands and wedding musicians require:

  • A safe, lockable dressing room
  • Sturdy, armless chairs for acoustic musicians
  • A dedicated, large enough, safe, dry and level performance area
  • Outdoors, they will need a cover to protect them from direct sun or rain
  • Good lighting
  • Some electrical outlet nearby or cable reel for extension
  • Refreshments: Soft drinks, for example
  • and a hot meal. Depending on how long you have booked them for