Book artist in Berlin

We offer you, as the artist agency in Berlin, with one of the largest artist catalogs, artists you can book for your event. Engaging or hiring you can, just to name a few examples, magicians, clowns and cabaret artists as walk acts, party bands, live musicians, musicians for classical music as well as big bands or cover bands at the Full Service Agency Berlin.

In particular in 2020 20s shows are in demand like dancers, doubles of Marlene Dietrich and Charly Chaplin as well as Charleston Bands in 20s outfit.

As a modern artist agency in Berlin, we naturally also offer show acts and entertainers that correspond to the latest trends.

You want to book artists in Berlin? To realize your wish is our passion.

Four part a capella singing

Booking artists in Berlin area - examples

In the summer months, many summer festivals, street festivals and city festivals take place throughout the greater Berlin area. And because it is just not done with the obligatory bouncy castle and the sausage stand, artists are booked at Földessy Entertainment. Also for companies that celebrate their summer party in the outdoor area of their company. Many of the artists, magicians, cover bands and walk acts as well as mobile bands, who perform at these festivities as entertainers in Berlin are booked, have several uses at once, we for example Walk Acts.

Walk Acts

Walk Acts are usually imaginatively designed art figures that move through the audience and so, sometimes here sometimes there, appear at some point of your event. A large part of the classic walking acts moves, dressed in fantastic costumes, as imaginative figures permanently over the entire festival area.

Music walk acts

Music can be played everywhere. Even away from the big stages. Music Walk Acts can play in the walk, as mobile bands, to perform even where there are people who can no longer move, for example because of their age, over the entire festival site. So the music Walking Acts as a mobile band or also as One Man Band in the 80s style come to the people, so that all visitors of your celebration, everywhere are entertained in the best way.

Mobile ice cream seller

The mobile ice cream vendor offers of course not only the delicious ice cream for the children. The charming, with comedy interludes peppered way of presentation, is best show entertainment for young and old.


Children clown

Of course, especially on weekends, there are always many families on the road with children. These – definitely want to be entertained. For this purpose, you can of course book a children’s clown, who will skillfully and routinely entertain the offspring. If you so desire, you can of course also book a clown, who also masters the high art of balloon modeling.


Magicians you can book these days are usually a far cry from magicians of years gone by. True, they still exist and enjoy a high profile – magicians who conjure a rabbit out of a hat and perform ring tricks or rope cutting to a perpetually stunned audience. However, what has grown up is a generation of hi-tech magicians who are incorporating things into the entertainment art of magic that are absolutely new and thus astounding even veteran magicians. Book with the artist agency Berlin the magician of your choice, which then also you – actually enchants.

Book party bands

Berlin is the city of parties and of course party bands, who get the parties going. Live music, is always something very special, because you can not only hear it, but also experience it. You can see and hear the groove of the live musicians. Party musicians communicate with the audience, let this participate and animate. Who wants to book Ladies Bands, classical orchestras or party bands in the Berlin area, is spoilt for choice and faces the big question, which of the many party bands in Berlin delivers what it promises and which is best suited for which purpose. More info at Booking Party Bands Berlin.