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Blacklight Acrobats and Blacklight Juggler, Lift-Up-Acrobats, Juggler, Aerialist Acrobats, Circus Performer,Circus Acrobats, Sportacrobats and Streetacrobats performing to amazingly arranged choreography, that will make your evening special.
Graceful acrobatically presentation of what the human body is capable of!



Blacklightshows from acrobatics, music and art.
With the help of the art and the light company logos, catchwords of a conference or slogans are visualized and established even stronger in the brain of the guests. Black Light shows fascinate and give the feeling to have defeated the law of the gravitation. The pictures are suited to the music with a professional choreography. With this combination of acrobatics and black light, artists conjure wonderful pictures and offer to the guests an unusual Blacklight show suitably to the music.



Perfect body control and never seen balances.
Harmonious-powerful acrobatics on modern, tension-loaded music choreographed. Silvery acrobats connect with strong acrobatic figures graceful statues, which they bring to life by moving fast and dynamically. The gilt acrobats offer an artistic play from gravitation, strength and harmoniously powerful choreography to tension-loaded music.



The art of Juggling:
The ancient art of Diabolo throwing and catching is getting more and more approved by the youth again. The juggler lets his Diabolos hop, jump and dance. With illuminated Diabolos and firediabolos achieves of the juggler impressive effects and pictures in the darkness. Impressive diabolo tricks including acrobatic actions like juggling around the body, a show with light beams on stage.



Our aerialists fly gracefully and technically perfect through the air.
These artists writh gracefully over the heads of the spectators and enthusiastically with their professional show embrace the air. They lift the gravitation and float like birds in the air. Their aerial numbers fascinate in variability and perfection. A powerful and reckless performance, which includes risky throws and catches, figures as well as unique presentations with music to the elements air and water. Of course individual performance can be made with shows exclusively choreographed for your event.



Reckless and spectacular actions – circus acrobat :
What this young guy on his rollerblades makes, is not possible for other people on their two feet. He has learnt from the pike on, training until he got pro. Breathtaking, dynamically, cool and with the right serving of youthful charm he lines up stunts after stunts. With Rock’n Roll in his pocket he proves that balancing is an act not worth talking about anymore.



The gym wheel:
Is at this performance transported as one of the artistic basics which are major to have an artistic show.
Traditional gym wheels and innovative Cyr Wheels can of course just be booked without a grand show because of their extracting performance itself.
These are particularly suitable on big stages. In fashion and in trend in the segment of Street acrobatics visualized by our youth. Stunt shows, circus acrobats, cat burglars, slackliners, urban dancers, skate Boarders, free runners, whatever inspires you we have it.

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