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Book classical ensemble. Classical music, in contrast to pop music, is usually played on acoustic instruments and performed unamplified, if the acoustics of the room allow. The term “classical music” first emerged in the early 19th century to clearly canonize the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Ludwig van Beethoven as a golden age. Our musicians arrange the repertoire according to customer wishes. Light and upbeat repertoire is usually popular




Our E Violinists electronic violin

Our LED violinists and our laser violinists are classically trained violinists who use technological developments to present classical works in a modern and contemporary way, as well as adding a new perspective to this genre; with current rock and pop songs on the violin. These show highlights played on electric violins are always a special highlight. Here the focus can be on crossover or pure classical. Another show highlight is to fly or abseil these musicians – Vertical Violin –

Book a harpist! Our harpists have also opened up to the electronic variant and here you can now also book an e-harp with vocals or even a laser harp.


Violinist sought and found

From classical, to swing, jazz, gypsy music, movie tunes, musical titles, tango music and rock music, the violin is a versatile string instrument . From classical sounds to rock sounds, everything is possible. The cello is now outstripping the violin. Using the latest technology, the electric cello can offer virtuoso sounds. Similar to the famous 2Cellos, our cellists offer a crossover program and even a lounge music program with subtle, groovy club sounds. Classical music today is no longer clearly categorized in one direction. Classical musicians now offer every kind of entertainment and play different sessions with club DJ s at open-air festivals and in night clubs these are already part of the highlight of a Saturday night.