Fast-paced ladies comedy in funny costumes

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In a unique and grotesque way, the comedienne humorously skewers social reality and your guests with fast-paced and absurd comedy in funny costumes. Live and daringly she improvises in interaction with the audience. Comedians are the true entertainers of our time. Book at the Künstlervermittlung Berlin.


Comedy performed by witty women

Fun without end

…with the old familiar theme: the woman. A witty, funny and charming entertainment show…


Parodist, singer and entertainer

This parodist, singer and entertainer spares no one.
Humorously he presents himself in the costumes of his prominent “role models” and sings to confuse similar songs from Andrea Berg, Johannes Heesters, Hildegard Knef, Zarah Leander, Marilyn Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti, about Elvis Presley to Frank Zander.

The repertoire of parody-worthy artists is constantly expanding. Ulkige parodies and charming Realsatire as for example over Karl Lagerfeld strain the laugh muscles. Legendary also his singing parody about Udo Lindenberg with nasty hair, hat, pulled down snout and the hit “Special train to Pankow.


Comedian parodies singers from Heino to Elton John
Pacey female comedy


This comedienne changes rapidly her characters and brings scurrilous from everyday life on stage, sometimes also your guests with emphasis. In her fast-paced comedy, harmless entertainment merges with biting real satire.

With her comedy, she explores our human weaknesses and shows anatomical feats by seemingly taking her own limbs and head under her arm to the amazement of the audience.



Body-focused improvisation in rapidly changing costumes makes the audience laugh. A quirky comedy mix show performed by a woman. Stand Up Comedy, Sports Comedy, Music Comedy, Clowning, Immitations of Stars and much more, nothing is possible.


Comic presented with feather boa and plastic wig by woman