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Uniquely costumed artists and dancers

Als Volkspolizist der Sowjetrepubliken verkleidet verblüfft der Animateur die Gäste

This Walkact entertainer
disguised as a people’s policeman of the socialist Soviet republics, “controls” discreetly, but by no means inconspicuously, each of your guests individually at the entrance.

Scheinbar schwerelos fliegt der Artist im Grashüpfer Kostüm auf Springstelzen durch die Luft.

Almost two meters high
and up to five meters wide, the bouncer in the grasshopper costume flies in the midst of the audience on stilts in the air. Cocky, curious and loveable he is looking for the next guest with whom he can do his joke as a grasshopper.

Grüne Phantasiegrashüpfer auf Stelzen

Fantastic figures and absurd characters
from the animal kingdom become a traveling act here. In lavishly designed costumes reminiscent of oversized grasshoppers, they bend down on stilts from lofty heights to the guests to lure them with cheeky entertainment from the reserve. Where many people gather, they are an extraordinary eye-catcher and spread a good mood.

In farbigen Kostümen flanieren die Stelzenläufer wie Raupen und Schmetterlinge

Originally costumed artists
in motifs from the flora and fauna explore the area and the festival visitors full of zest for life. Carefree and lovingly they make their jokes and enchant the audience with beautiful shapes and movements.

Zwei attraktive Damen begrüßen lächelnd die Gäste in einem Weintrauben- und Kirschblütenkostüm

Fantasy costumes that release deep emotions
with their appearance, color and form. As a living doll or classic walking act, fair attraction or animation amidst the guests, they are always an eye-catcher with a memory character. A dance performance, completely choreographed with light, music and projections on the costumes is possible at any time.

Fabelwesen in einem Kostüm aus Welt mit Mond erwartet mystisch seine Besucher

A feast for the eyes is this stilt-walker
in her illuminated costume from world and moon. There is much to discover and the journey into the world and the universe can begin. Animation in fancy costumes or as fair attraction in the middle of the guests are an eye-catcher. We are happy to design a completely choreographed dance performance for you

In phantastischen Kostümen empfangen diese außerirdischen Wesen auf Stelzen Kinder und Eltern

In fantastic costumes
these extraterrestrial beings on stilts receive children and parents and mix with kindest sayings among the visitors. At twilight, the charming glow of the up to 4-meter-high figures gives every occasion its shine. Unique costumes with light and projections create associations full of poetry.


Zwischen dem Sofa und den darauf sitzenden beginnt ein Dialog

The talking sofa

Stelzenläufer in Kostümen die an Wald und Waldbewohner erinnern

Mythical creatures

parlierend und flanierend wandelt er durch den Schlossgarten

Stilt walkers

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