Ladies orchestra plays the swing of past eras

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They play the swing
Ladies Bands Berlin – ✅ Book a women’s band. They play ✅ music of the ✨ 30s and 40s, musical songs, jazz evergreens and cheeky hits with witty German lyrics. Ideal for lively background music or as party bands for dance parties in the style of the golden 20s.

Musicians and singers

Professional musicians and singers with a lively stage show.
singers of the top class present a fascinating singing show, including world hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. With temperament, charm and wit they also lead multilingual through your program. In addition to solo highlights, they impress with dance interludes and professional entertainment! Book with your artist agency Berlin


Female band with a lively stage show
Ladies band sextet plays varied background music

Background music

Ppresented is a varied program
that includes Latin, swing and pop classics and evergreens from the 30s to today. Background music where you can still have a conversation.

Violinists duo

Violinist duo, professional and attractive plays fast-paced crossovers of different music categories from classical music to rock to current pop music.
A violinist lady band that enjoys entertaining in a rousing musical show in front of and among the audience.

Violinist ladies band duo
Spirited show performed by a ladies band trio

power women band

The power women with world hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s convey visually as well as acoustically international flair.
In breathtaking costumes, our lady bands entertain you, your guests and customers with life entertainment, dancing interludes and fantastic stage shows.

Ladies band

Musical time travel through the Ufa films of the 30s and 40s of the last century. This ladies band masters over 1600 music titles of this unforgotten time, with about 120 of them in their permanent repertoire.
Not only the music is a special kind of artistic pleasure, with stylish hats and stunning dresses, the visual impression of the ladies band is also terrific.


Female bands, female bands in discreet and elegant costumes offers you Foeldessy Entertainment
Versatile lady party band duo goes on the world tour

bossa nova, latin, jazz

A foray through the world of Bossa Nova, Latin, Jazz, Flamenco and Chanson. As a versatile duo, guitar and bass embark on a musical journey around the world. They also like to take trombone, saxophone and drums along for the ride.

pure party atmosphere

7 girls guarantee pure party mood with a great selection of hits from the 60s to today. A certain portion of humor and sex appeal is not missing here.
For party lovers and the connoisseurs who love a time travel to the flower power time of the Woodstock Festival. A wiklich great party band. From Janis Joplin, Santana, Jimi Hendrix to the Rolling Stones, the songs of Robbie Williams, Prince, Blur and Pink nothing is missing here.


7 girls guarantee pure party mood
Ladies band with live singing and dancing

live singing

With live singing, animation and dance interludes they warm up their audience. The guests are actively involved. And at the latest during the pyro interludes, the room temperatures skyrocket. The show takes place on a specially made bar, which is also very well suited as a cocktail bar.

disco classic

This female band plays the most popular songs of the 70s, 80s, 90s, international party music, current chart hits, disco classics and mood music, live and absolutely danceable. Also on the road as Walking Acts, in the middle of the audience.

Women and ladies band plays international chart hits
Jazz ladies bandplays the tradition of the swing era

powerful songs

7 Ladies inspire with powerful songs from pop history. Live with musical charm and specially arranged polyphonic choruses. The spirited show of the power women with world hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s conveys visually as well as acoustically international flair.


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← (left) Ladies Band at the German Historical Museum in Berlin
In interaction with our singer on the balcony, the guests danced exuberantly to the music of our ladies party band & Coverband until the early morning hours in the courtyard of the Schlüterhof at the German Historical Museum Berlin.

Baroque entertainment for the opening of the Palais Vest shopping center
To the music of our baroque ladies’ string quartet, our two stilt walkers dance in pompous costumes, as if sprung from the Venetian carnival. (right) →

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← (left) A musical time travel through the 30s and 40s of the last century. Not only the music is a special kind of artistic pleasure, with stylish hats and stunning dresses, the visual impression is also terrific

Classical music playing ladies trio with flute, harp and cello stylishly accompany your and your guests’ unforgettable evening

(right) →

Our ladies Marching Band
played marching as Mobile Band, Mackie Messer from The Threepenny Opera. (below) ↓

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