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Show dance - street dance hip hop travesty led dance

There are an incalculable number of dance forms. Dance is versatile from the classical dance, show dance, ballet, street dance, hip-hop, beauty dance popularly called burlesque show, LED show dance performance, travesty shows with the most beautiful drag queens to current break dance or street dance developments. Dance is as versatile as hardly any other art form. Dance is the visual expression of joie de vivre, whether classical or modern. Everyone loves to watch good dancers.

In recent years, classical dance has come a long way from the ballerina in the TÜTÜ, as the American Dance Company http://Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Alvin Ailey showed us years ago how beautiful the pure body is when dancing without being swamped by costumes.

Show dance - Showdance

Show dancing, as the name suggests, is intended as the visual climax of a show event and thrives on colorful, elaborate costumes as in Friedrichstadtpalast-Berlin. Our show dance formations offer a variety of themes whether as a time travel through the decades, cabaret-20s show, Las Vegas show style or modern danced fashion shows. These dancers are all state-trained ballet show dancers who can playfully implement commissioned productions in a variety of dance styles. In show dancing, the symbiosis of current, popular hit music, choreography, dance style and costume counts.


Breakdance - Hip-Hop-Voguing-Urban dance

Breakdance, B-Boying or B-Girling has developed in the 70s among African-American youth in the United States. Music for it comes from pop, hip-hop, remixes or funk. Breakdance is one of the four pillars of hip hop culture, along with deejaying, rapping and graffiti. Breakdance moves are composed of robotic, choppy moves with acrobatic interludes, such as jumps, pirouettes on the head, shoulder or back. Many dancers mix into this choreography acrobatic jumps, one-handed stands, and special synchronized moves in a group. All movements are coordinated with the music.


LED dance show

LED dance shows thrive on special costumes. This technique of LED costumes was developed by a PhD student of the Japanese Kobe University. The control of the costumes enables a unique image through programming. Everything from the company logo to colors can be programmed in advance, but of course this does not make the show. A sensitive and very time-consuming choreography is now needed so that dancers, music and programming form unity and this performance becomes an experience.


Travesty drag queen burlesque dance

Travesty refers to a person who represent another gender on stage. Now travesty is a high art of visual deception through make-up, hair art and disguise. The disguise as another sex, in connection with a show or performance is called travesty. Very popular and visually a feast for the eyes, drag queens like to be hired at events as hosts or to greet people, in addition to their musical shows