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Juggling with the feet

Whatever your event might be: a movie theme or a Gatsby night, this performer is just the perfect match. Full aesthetic body movements, tempo and volta.



The old art of diabolo throwing and catching
is again very popular with young people. Performer lets his pörops hop, jump and dance. With illuminated  and fire Diabolos, the Diabolo Juggler achieves impressive effects and images in the dark. This juggler with level and sophisticated comedy will thrill your audience.


Two jugglers whirl up to four Diabolos
through the air to match the tango music. Modern and mystical, they present their version of Diabolo juggling. From the classic juggling, light juggling, laser-juggling, drum juggling to duo juggling.  Juggling with your products as a promotion on your show, we are happy to offer you a tailor-made performance.



Female Diabolo Show

Innovative Diabolo und Jonglage Show. Being one of the very few women to master the art of Diabolo, she also created her own style of performance which combines grace as well musicality

A charming and funny juggling
with light clubs on stage, in the midst of the audience and with the guests. Futuristic effects and luminous images arise in the dark.A true lighting show with this group of jugglers who play around with the lights. Juggling performance with new technology of light juggling is also done on the synchronization of the lights.

This kind lighting show with this group of jugglers who play around with the lights can include company names for corporate venues and special events.

Diabolo Rock Star

A rock star themed Diabolo act – full of power, dynamics, energy and fascinating charm! He spins his Diabolos at a breathtaking pace where they fly away and return as if by an invisible force. Just thrilling.

Juggle Drinks

Book our Cocktail Jugglers, skilled juggling bartenders that will blow you away with amazing bar juggling tricks. Available for worldwide bookings.Ideal entertainment option for live events, trade fairs, private parties, exhibitions, etc.Skilled juggling bartenders that will blow audiences away with their impressive bar juggling tricks




Virtuoso games with dazzling hula hoops
in unimaginable numbers make the young juggler curl up and down his body. The tires revolve around all the limbs without the artist even coming out of the rhythm of the music once.


Balljonglage Solo auf dem Billardtisch zu Tangoklängen

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