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Djs, Diskjokeys, DJanes
play history of music of the past times up to the modern time



From the company celebration,
Kick – out of vision event, annual do, measuring up to the wedding. DJs offer in general a wide spectrum and are uncomplicated applicable. We have the right music and suitable technology for every occasion.


Pumping basses, great live shows
with music titles always in the pulse of the time. They played the fingers not only in the record needle separate also own music titles in twos.


This Top Discjockey
is for your company party, kick-off event, company party or fair, flexible and uncomplicated use.
We offer for your party, your event, and every occasion the right music with perfect technique.
A versatile and great music archive fulfills all wishes.


Our attractive DJane
unites with her mobile disco adaptably all generations with her music titles.
The guests celebrate a great party and everybody can wish his wishes of House to Black to Mixed Music. Djs, ladies’ disc jockeys and Djanes for your event we offer to you from Foeldessy entertainment with pleasure also with suitable technology.

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