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Women’s bands ( also called girl bands) usually consist of either only women or have a woman as lead singer. With their angelic voices and virtuoso instruments, our stunning female bands captivate audiences. They are perfect for events where sophisticated and elegant entertainment is required.

From quiet background music to high-energy stage performances. You can count on our girl bands! Hire the right band in various line-ups. Among them classical singers, upbeat pop, powerful rock and much more! With their impressive performances, they are guaranteed to captivate the audience with their incredible talent, stage presence and passion.

The wide-ranging repertoire of our female bands covers a number of genres, including:

  • pop, rock, indie,
  • jazz, swing, soul,
  • and classical music.

From violin players who exude glamour to rousing saxophonists. Whether it’s 20’s style female vocalists, all-girl party bands or vocal harmony trios. Our female ensembles can also perform bespoke shows with themes such as: ‘The Bond Girls’ and ‘Vintage Chic’


Female bands / girl bands are very much in demand at:

  • Weddings and private parties,
  • Corporate events and receptions,
  • Award ceremonies and much more.

Our beautiful female bands provide feel-good entertainment at events around the world!

We have the best band for your event

You want your event to be perfect? Then you are exactly right with us! Here at Künstlervermittlung Berlin we have the best selection of live wedding bands, party bands and a band for your corporate event.

Whatever you are looking for: We are here to help you book the right band for you and your event.

Singers like Lady Gaga, Adele and Rihanna have dominated the charts in recent years. They have produced hits that are sure to be remembered for a long time. Their songs and those of legends like Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Beyoncé and Madonna will always get the dance floor moving.

Be sure to watch lots of videos of the bands during your search so you can get a really good idea of the style and sound. If you have decided to hire a band with a female vocalist or are still undecided, we are happy to help. Just send us a message or call us directly!

Why book with us?

We work with some of the most dynamic, stylish and professional bands featuring female vocalists. All of our female bands and girl bands have plenty of live experience, having performed at a variety of private and corporate events.

The female bands bring the same level of passion to every performance. Whether it is a VIP party, a festival or small celebration as part of your wedding. Our bands with female lead singers will give you a show you will never forget!

Booking tips

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects for a successful event is good entertainment. For sophisticated, energetic and charming performances, hire a girl band! No matter the type of event, these female artists will captivate the audience and provide amazing stage shows that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

How can I book a girl band?

The easiest way to book a girl band is to hire them over the internet. In directories of artists, like our artist search, you can compare the offers of different bands. Look at the references in the form of photos and videos. Once you’ve decided, or if you need help with your search, just drop us a line with your plans for the event. We are also happy to help you on the phone!

We will take care of finding your perfect band and guaranteeing the best performance for your event!

A girl band is a musical group that, as the name implies, consists of only women. The term is usually used to describe all-female bands. However, they can also be a trio with a drummer and a male guitarist, or a quartet. Often this term is used to differentiate from all-male bands (boy bands).

A girl band is usually found in the genres of pop and rock music. There are quite a few famous girl bands from different eras. Such as: The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child or The Pussycat Dolls.

Yes, they are indeed a great way to liven up your event! If you’re looking for a fun but professional band for your party, look no further than a girl band! They play a range of music from the 50’s to current songs. Destinies Child, Black Eyed Peas, or Madonna are just a few of the many artists you can expect to hear. The music is fun! The band will perform very professionally, with a great sound system and an energetic show.

For example, a five-piece female band may be a suitable choice for a wedding reception, as the band can play different types of music and perform for extended periods of time. It is a perfect option if you are planning an outdoor wedding. This way, the band can provide entertainment during the reception and when the guests arrive. The girl band is a good investment because apart from the entertainment itself, the guests will surely remember your event and the band’s music for a long time.

So if you are looking for a girl band for your event, then it is best to just drop us a line or call us directly!


Girl bands are usually made up entirely of women.

But they also exist in the form of bands where only the front singer is a woman and the rest consists of men on the instruments.

Of course, you can also book a solo female singer for your event with us.

Our impressive girl bands are very versatile artists. Highly skilled, each band offers their own unique sound in a variety of genres, including:

  • Indie, Rock,
  • Pop, Soul,
  • Swing, Jazz,
  • Electro and Classical.

No matter who you choose. The band will work with you in preparation to create the perfect stage show for any type of event. Their performances are adored by men, women and even children! Whether you need soothing background music or something peppy. Our female bands can do it all!

If you need a few female musicians to perform at your event, you can hire a girl band. These are small groups of talented young women. They will have no problem playing a few of your favorite songs. The bands often have the instruments and all the equipment needed to put on a great show. It is of course also possible to book a solo female musician.

Depending on the size of the band and their experience, it can cost between 1,000 and 10,000 euros to book a female band. A group that is very well known and at the peak of their success can cost much more than a group that is just starting out. For example, the Pussycat Dolls cost $5,000 for a half hour. That’s a pretty low price for them, since the band used to be very well known and they had a lot of fans.

Contact us anytime by mail or phone to inquire about the cost of your perfect band.