Flashmob Berlin

Flash mob in Munich

Our flashmob staging on the occasion of an event for Yamaha at the Munich Residenz has completely surprised our guests

convinced. The guests could not get enough of our staging 30 singers dressed as the service started right in the middle of the guests with a POP medley and from the first moment the spark jumped over the guests were thrilled.

Flashmob is a short, surprising action of a larger crowd that comes together and dissolves again.

Flashmob (flash mob flash “flash”, mob [from the Latin mobile vulgus “irritable crowd” [1]]) refers to a short, seemingly spontaneous crowd in public or semi-public places, in which the participants do not know each other personally and unusual things do. Flash mobs are seen as special forms of cyber society (virtual community, online community) that uses new media such as mobile phones and the Internet to organize collective direct actions.

Although the original idea was apolitical [2], there are now also known as flash mob actions with political or economic background. [3] [4] Such targeted actions often use the term “smart mob”. Wikipedia

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