Flying Saxophone Show

Flying saxophone show

Saxophonist with Vertical Dance acrobatics. Once again we could inspire our customers with our unique Vertical – Flying Saxophone Show. Live in 15 m height this saxophonist plays at your gala. In airy heights, she lets herself play abseiling vertical-saxophonshow. This show was developed by us for the waterworks years ago and expanded 200 international guests we could inspire with our cross-over elements of jazz and pop music. Vertical dance saxophone shows can play on the walls of houses and be accompanied by imaginative aerial acrobats.



Vertical dance acrobatics

Whether Saxophonists, Violinists or LED Drummer everything is vertical flying possible. Costumes like from James Bond movies, Cabaret style or LED costumes versatile are Vertical Saxophonistinnen for every occasion. Continuously Kuenstlervermittlung-Berlin expands this show with new techniques and music. Captivating music forms a spectacular catwalk-like Vertical Show – sophisticated and perceptive not feasible in every location, as hanging points and rappelling points, are necessary as in the Wasserwerk Berlin .

vertical saxophone show flying saxophonist

The flying musicians can combine different instruments and integrate them vertically into a show. Whether they play as vertical musicians abseiling or strolling on a wall as in a cat walk down the wall. Special technology enables fast flights on the walls of houses and above the heads of the guests. An unforgettable aerial acrobatics as a crossover show from jazz music to party atmosphere.