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Lifting acrobatics

Lift broadcasts, power acquaintances, we offer you never seen balances and perfect body control

Choreografierte schnelle Hebe Akrobatik Show auf Rollschuhen

Perfect body control and never seen balances.
Harmonious-powerful acrobatics choreographed on modern, suspenseful music, one of the most expressive performances of the genre.

Hebeakrobaten mit vergoldeten Körpern von Foeldessy Entertainment erheben sich auf anmutigste Weise

Golden acrobats combine their bodies
with powerful acrobatics to graceful statues that bring them to life through dynamic movements again and again. The gilded lifting acrobats offer an artful game of gravity, strength and harmonious powerful choreography to tense music.

Harmonische Hand auf Hand Kraftakrobatik

Harmonious and athletic hand-to-hand acrobatics
with the highest levels of difficulty are shown by the lifting Duo. For soft music they mix acrobatics with modern expressive dance and acting.


anmutige Hebeakrobatik Performance in vollendeter Körperbeherrschung

Adagio Partner acrobatics

Anmutig wie eine Statue verändert dieser Kraftakrobat in der Luft hängend seine Figuren

Powerful and harmonious hand on hand
acrobatics, performed by two ladies. Perfectly formed, two attractive ladies perform Adagio and lifting acrobatic figures, seemingly effortlessly with achoreography specially composed for the music.

aparte Adaggio Partner Hebe Akrobatik

Perfectly choreographed graceful lifting
acrobatics performance. An excellent show full of weightless power and daring characters.

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