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Hand balance is  a balancing performance of acrobatic body shape changing movements. Stationary poses while balanced on and supported entirely by one’s hands or arms. In partner acrobalance, a strong bottom mounter supports the top mounter in handstands to other acrobatic poses. Solo hand balancing performer, a single artist performs handstands. One-hand stands, planches moreover other equilbristic maneuvers. Acrobats and  power acquaintances, we offer you never seen acrobatic acts  such as perfect body control like this.

Adagio/Hand Blance/Acrobalance explanation

Adagio Duos in addition Acrobalance Duos is a type of performance in which an acrobatic base and flyer balance on top of each other.  Combination of strength, balance, tricks, flexibility, in addition agility are the result. The top performer must be making physical contact only with the base’s hands, with her own hands keeping her balanced. Positions the top can perform in this style of acrobatics are straddles, handstands, pikes, press to handstand, one arm handstands, flags, moreover many others. Consists of partner lifts, usually performed by a man with a woman, where the male lifts his female partner in many different poses or positions. Combination of strength, agility, balance, tricks, flexibility,in conclusion agility are the result. Male performer usually throws the female into somersaults, layouts, moreover other acrobatic maneuvers. Many styles of dance incorporate some form of adagio (as dance lifts), including ballet ( pas de deux), jazz, and lyrica



 Solo  performer


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