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Interactive Entertainment and animation with the audience maintains you and your guests and animates and to join in with our entertainer


Baroque entertainment
for visitors of the shopping center Palais Vest opening week in Recklinghausen. Each floor of the Palais Vest buyers met at different locations in the shopping center on our artists in the baroque style, throughout the day. Especially the red, speaking sofa was plenty frequented by guests. Partly for entertainment with the sofa, or for family shootings. A baroque company of costumed artists strolled through the center, told the guests stories from the baroque era, and introduced them to the art of dancing the minuet. Especially asian shoppers were intrigued by the enormous size of our stilt couple’s in their fantastic costumes, so that numerous memory photos were taken. Our baroque ladies quartet played to music from a bygone age.


Visitors sit down to rest on the couch
and talk to each other. Suddenly the sofa comes to life, gets involved in the discussions and determines who is now here asking questions. But that’s not all. The sofa is very curious and wants to know what is in the bags of shopping mall shoppers, what they have bought and why. On all our events the sofa is always numerous frequented and very popular for photo shootings.
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By offered dance shows and musical contributions
a trip around the world and in different eras witnessed our guests. Professional dancers in rapidly changing costumes performed an entertainment show in first class. Started in the 30s at berlin, they danced a show from the musical “Cabaret”, the journey went on in the rock’n roll time 50s, then in the 80s, 90s up to the dances and hits of today as “Move like Jagger” by Maroon 5.
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Sandart painting entertainment.
Painting with the natural element sand, light and music. A young kind of presentation that allows you to integrate your company logo with and on request, can product stories or company histories are completely visualized by inverted sand. Poetic images, landscapes, stories and skylines develop by itself from the sand.


A spectacular percussion show delighted the guests.
With plenty of power and vitality the percussionists create a sparkling experience in the interaction between drummers and audiences. The percussionists animate the guests to clap along and join in with specially distributed to drums.

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