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Jazz Band and Dinner Jazz Band

Jazz, Dixieland, Swing, Rhythm and Blues,
we love to find a suitable jazz background music for your event. Jazz Band and Dinner Jazz is very popular in Germany for corporate events. Smooth jazz is a commercially oriented, crossover jazz which came to prominence in the 1980s, displacing the more venturesome jazz fusion from which it emerged. It avoids the improvisational “risk-taking” of jazz fusion, emphasizing melodic form and much of the music was initially “a combination of jazz with easy-listening pop music and lightweight R&B” ( Text Wikipedia )


female Jazz Band

Romp small formation with style
and really good voices. Romantically, dance able, like a virtuoso and playful, the colorful program contains title like “body and soul”, “What’s this thing called love” or “Alone in the Morning”, presents in unexpectedly modern Arrangements. Bluesiges saxophone, funkige guitar and contra bass with an exquisite blend from jazz, tango, Bossa Nova and soul.


The sound of the past era
is revived for you. Elegance as well witty word joke characterize the music of the 20s them also even today enthusiastically. The trio interprets in the tradition of the Comedian Harmonists and other dimensions the most popular melodies of this time. Buoyant melodies, with feeling presented, spread the atmosphere of a New York cocktail bar.


Romantically and danceable,
like a virtuoso and playful, the fund of three professional musicians seems to be inexhaustible. Come with on a musical trip to all parts of the world. Of this jazz trio primes your event with an exquisite blend from jazz, tango, Bossa Nova likewise soul if you also may easily listening or cocktail jazz. The repertoire passes numbers 70s till the 90s up to disco.


The repertoire reaches from swing,
Bossa Nova, Rhythm and blues about soul and pop up to disco numbers 70s till the 90s, presented by professional musicians, at point every now and then singers stand with her versatile and very expressive voice enchant and carry away. Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, Latin music as well as own interpretations of modern pop songs of Norah Jones about Shakira to Suzan Vega.


Three of the most-employed jazz bands of Berlin
have met to a trio of the top class. By many years’ teamwork perfectly harmonizing they play themselves by the history of the jazz. Swinging melodies of the big musicals belong just as blues to her repertoire. Who appreciating tasteful, unobtrusive music, finds out here absolute hearing pleasure.


South states atmosphere with Dixieland,
swing and to jazz if present themselves this tape with hand-made Dixieland and swing. They interpret the wide spectrum of the south states of Music in an authentic, living and fresh way.


Melodies from New Orleans, swing, ballads,
ragtime, classics of the Rock’n Rolling, blues and soul are presented in the typical sound by the volume. At the head the volume stands the singer with a blues voice. No musical area is sure before this volume.


Jazz-Standards, Bossa Nova, Latin music
Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, Latin as well as own interpretations of modern pop songs of Norah Jones about Shakira to Suzan Vega. A great small formation with style and a really good voice. They offer with different programes of discreet and tasteful background music up to rousing concert inserts the perfect teamwork of her instruments. From jazz and Bossa Nova to pop and soul the quartet offers to you everything.

Jazz development in Germany

The United States went to war in 1941 and swing music went with it. Jazz music gave the soldiers a sense of home and comfort. Musicians were drafted into the military and took their music with them and after the end of the war many crew members and thus their music remained connected to their children in Germany.We have the most beautiful voices and the best musicians in our agency and we are happy to provide you with this ear feast.


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