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Soul and Jazz Musik Dora

Soul and Jazz Music Dora

A unique singer born and raised in Jamaica, she has arrived in Berlin after spending time in England, Spain, France and Holland. This artist captivates everyone with her unique voice and Soul and Jazz Music. With a trio of vocals, keyboard plus bass, she tempts us into the world of jazz. The singer’s voice is strong, silky, dark likewise tender. Her Jazz voice is raspy and therefore very expressive.She is an outstanding internationally established jazz artist. She is a performing artist, composer and singer/songwriter.  She has a unique warm and dynamic voice she takes hold of you every time. It is a one of a kind voice that rings out loud and true, whatever she sings you believe. She is a storyteller. A strong songwriter and live performer. 



It was not until the start of the 1920s that ensembles playing jazz-style music came to Germany. Jazz fever seized Berlin, one of Europe’s culture and pleasure capitals. Initially the interest was focused on the exotic aspect of jazz, as embodied by Josephine Baker and the Revue Negré. But authentic US-American jazz bands made guest performances in Germany in the 1920s as well, with bands such as Sam Wooding’s Chocolate Kiddies .(Text Goetheinstitut)

Soul and Jazz Music in the 1920th

Between 1900 and 1945, American musical culture changed dramatically; new sounds via new technologies came to define the national experience. At the same time, there were massive demographic shifts as black southerners moved to the Midwest and North, and urban culture eclipsed rural life as the norm. America in 1900 was mainly a rural and disconnected nation, defined by regional identities where cultural forms were transmitted through live performances. By the end of World War II, however, a definable national musical culture had emerged.(Text oxfordre.com/americanhistory)


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