Jazz ladies trio with saxophone, bass and guitar

Jazz band and jazz musician booking in Berlin

Jazz musicians in Berlin. A great little formation with style and really good voices. Romantic, danceable, virtuosic and playful, the colorful program of the Women’s Band includes titles like ” Body and Soul”, “What’s this thing called love” or “Alone in the Morning”, presented in surprisingly modern arrangements. Bluesy saxophone, funky guitar and double bass with an exquisite melange of jazz, tango, bossa nova and soul.

Music of the 20s

The sound of a bygone era is reawakened for you. Elegance and witty word wit characterize the music of the 20s which still inspires today. The trio interprets in the tradition of the Comedian Harmonists and other greats the most popular melodies of that time. Lively melodies, sensitively performed, spread the flair of a New York cocktail bar.

Fine jazz like in a New York cocktail bar
The trio consists of professional musicians and a singer with a versatile voice

Jazz band trio booking

Romantic and danceable, virtuosic and playful, the fund of the three professional musicians seems to be inexhaustible. Come with us on a musical journey to all parts of the world.

This jazz trio entertains your event with an exquisite melange of jazz, tango, bossa nova and soul, if you like easy listening or cocktail jazz. The repertoire reaches up to disco numbers of the 70s to 90s.

Swing, Bossa Nova & Blues

The repertoire ranges from swing, bossa nova, rhythm and blues, soul and pop to disco numbers of the 70s to 90s, performed by professional musicians, sometimes headed by singers who enchant and carry away with their versatile and expressive voice. Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, Latin pieces as well as own interpretations of modern pop songs from Norah Jones to Shakira to Suzan Vega.

Versatile jazz and party big band with expressive voices
Tasteful unobtrusive jazz music performed by three top class musicians

Book Jazz Musicians in Berlin

Three of Berlin’s busiest jazz musicians have come together to form a top class trio. Through years of playing together in perfect harmony, they play their way through the history of jazz. Swinging melodies from the great musicals are as much a part of their repertoire as the blues. Also available as mobile band.

Those who appreciate tasteful, unobtrusive music will experience absolute listening pleasure here. Engage with the artist agency Berlin.

A touch of New Orleans

A touch of New Orleans is in the airwhen this band presents itself with handmade Dixieland and Swing. They interpret the wide spectrum of Southern music in an authentic, lively and fresh way.

Southern flair with Dixieland, Swing and Jazz
Jazz, blues and soul like from New Orleans

Ballads & Classics of jazz

Melodies from New Orleans, Swing, Ballads, Ragtimes, classics of Rock’n Roll, Blues and Soul are presented in the characteristic sound by the band. At the head of the band is the singer with a blousy voice. Hardly any musical area is safe from this band.

Background music

Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, Latin pieces as well as their own interpretations of modern pop songs from Norah Jones to Shakira to Suzan Vega. A great little formation with style and a really good voice. With different programs ranging from discreet and tasteful background music to rousing concert interludes, they offer the perfect interplay of their instruments. From jazz and bossa nova to pop and soul, the quartet offers you everything. To book at the Musikervermittlung Berlin.

Jazz standards and own pieces with excellent vocals


Jazz and Dixie Quartet consisting of saxophone, trumpet, tuba and banjo. A touch of New Orleans is in the air when this band presents itself with handmade Dixieland like here with “Weekend and Sunshine”, Jazz and Swing


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Jazz is a form of music that originated in the southern states of the United States around 1900. A music that is played today by jazz musicians of every stripe, it was played mainly by African Americans in the days of its inception.

Many forms of jazz have evolved that enjoy great popularity today. There is Dixieland, which is often played in the New Orleans style by marching bands or in jazz bars.

The actual origins of jazz can be traced back to the New Orleans style of playing, which included strong blues elements as well as ragtime. One of the main features was improvisation.
From about 1910, the Dixieland style took over the stages. A jazz form that was and is played mainly by white musicians. One of the special characteristics, are the alternating solos.
The main instruments of the early jazz, which one finds also today with Jazzbands still frequently are: The trombone, tuba or double bass, the banjo* as well as the hardly dispensable piano and of course the drums. * The banjo used was the 4 stringed one. The fifth side of the banjo, was added only around 1910. This stringing is used today mainly in country and bluegrass music.

Some of the most famous jazz musicians are:

  • Louis Armstrong
  • Miles Davis
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Duke Ellington
  • Charlie Parker


In the early 1920s, jazz musicians and bands came to Berlin to play music similar to jazz. Jazz was a new kind of music for Berliners and in that sense had a kind of exoticism. And this, in the truest sense of the word, brought the erotic Josephine Baker with their famous “Banana Dresses” on the Berlin stages.

Authentic jazz bands from the U.S. now guested more often in Germany, which helped the jazz all the more to notoriety as well as popularity. In Berlin, where jazz musicians of all styles were now performing more frequently, there was a veritable jazz fever.

Booking Jazz Musicians in Berlin

In Belin in particular, you can book jazz musicians or even hire entire jazz bands, in any style

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