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The ancient art of throwing and catching diabolo is again very popular with the youth. The juggler makes his diabolos bounce, jump and dance. With illuminated diabolos and fire diabolos, the diabolo juggler in Berlin achieves impressive effects and images in the dark. This juggler with level and sophisticated comedy inspires your audience.

Juggling Berlin

The two jugglers twirl to match the tango music

up to four diabolos through the air. Modern and mystical they present their version of the diabolo juggling. From classic juggling, light juggling, laser juggling, drum juggling to duo juggling and juggling with your products as a promotion at your trade fair show, we are happy to offer you a performance tailored to your needs.

Impressive diabolo body tricks around arms and legs

this juggler shows his young audience. By rotating his body, he keeps several diabolos constantly in motion.

circus performer

A charming and funny juggling with light clubs on stage,

in the middle of the audience and with the guests. Futuristic effects and luminous images are created in the dark.

Hula Hoop

The young juggler lets his body circle up and down in waves.
The hoops rotate around all the limbs without the artist ever once getting out of time with the music.

A juggling

On roller skates like on a roller coaster over thin pipes.
Breathtaking, cool and with the right amount of youthful charm he performs one stunt after the next.

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Berlin is not just the location of big outdoor events where agencies and private individuals book jugglers. Jugglers are also in great demand for all kinds of indoor events, such as trade fair events and promotions. Jugglers are always a fascination for young and old. Among other things, it is not decisive how the juggler presents his juggling skills. A juggler who stands on a stage somewhere in Berlin and juggles a few clubs or balls is no longer enough.

Presentation of the juggling

The presentation of the juggling is the be-all and end-all.
Many jugglers in Berlin use the most diverse forms of art and entertainment to bring their juggling show to “the man”. Some mix their shows with humor and comedy, others use stylish effects of light juggling as well as laser juggling. Juggling fire torches also creates fascinating moments.

Comedy jugglers

Comedy jugglers are especially entertaining. As a rule, they pretend that they cannot do something right. You try to juggle 6 clubs at the same time, but fail regularly because of the juggling technique offered or on yourself. Much to the amusement of the audience. Comedy always loosens up and is extremely entertaining in connection with a juggling show. However, the trick always works in the end through participatory activities on the part of the audience.

Or climbing a unicycle, which seems almost impossible. But even here – thanks to the help of the audience, in the end anything is possible. With a comedy juggler, in the end it is not the juggling technique that counts, although the juggler in Berlin is of course very good at this technique. It’s the charming – entertaining and weird way of presenting his juggling art.

Juggler for product presentation

Jugglers have one thing in common; you can see them from afar and they attract enormous attention. People who are on a surface where products are presented quickly become aware of something moving above their heads. And when they see something moving, in all likelihood they will want to know how it gets there. And then the product that is to be advertised by the juggler has the maximum amount of attention. Product presentation by jugglers is entertaining and extremely effective in advertising. Under; Jugglers Berlin, you will find some of the best that the capital has to offer. At Földessy Entertainment.

City festival – street festival

Jugglers are often booked as artists for city festivals and street festivals. The artists are always a kind of crowd puller with large mobile shows in the middle of the audience. People want to be entertained. At open air events there are usually several stages on which jugglers can perform. For some juggling shows, it is not really easy to perform on a stage, because the stage roof, which may be low, does not give the juggler the opportunity to carry the juggling club or a diabolo as well as balls to great heights.

For mobile jugglers, there are of course no limits in this regard in the open air.

Can be used selectively

Every event agency can book jugglers, even as a kind of mobile artist, and deploy them accordingly wherever there is a need. Book artists for your event in the Berlin area – the way they fit your event. At a street festival or city festival there are many areas, such as gastronomic areas, where more public traffic is desired. Also – because older people settle there who, due to their age, may not even have the opportunity to celebrate an entire city festival or street festival on foot. For these people, as well as the gastronomic areas, walk acts, mobile bands as well as other artists who can move freely in the audience and at their location are a great enrichment. Under the terms, Jogleure Berlin – book a juggler – rent for an event, you will find some of the best of their kind. And you can book them at the Berlin Artists’ Agency.