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Street acrobatics - street artists - jugglers

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Street artist

Artists who offer their performance in public spaces and are hired by means of hats or at festivals for fixed fees. Street art is the heaviest in this art form. The statement among comedy artists is that if you survive on the street, you rock the stage. Getting attention on the street and keeping the audience needs a great presence and personality. Street performers can only survive on the streets with surprise effects and quick, big interactions. Many of our famous show artists started on the streets and are now stars on the international stages.

In the 80’s there were hardly any variety shows and only a few family circuses that didn’t offer special shows. The young artists did not want to go to the musty old vaudevilles, but met at international festivals. Here the Gauklerfestival Berlin in front of the Steigenberger Hotel was part of it, festivals in Aurillac or Chalon sur saonne were part of it. These original street festivals have now become huge open air festivals, almost a factory.

Street acrobatics – jugglers include the following genres.

Animation artists e.g. stilt walkers

Street painters

Street musicians

Magic artists, mimes, stand up comedy artists, jugglers and street theatre


Street acrobatics - street artists - jugglers

The word “juggler” already existed in the 9th century and was assigned to the art of magic and magicians. Later, it was used to describe travelling actors, jugglers, acrobats and comedians. Juggler is thus a collective name or collective term that has existed for a very long time for entertainers who show their art in the open streets, markets or open spaces. From many movies, jugglers are a term for: Bear handler, the tightrope walker, the juggler, the ventriloquist, buffoon, artist, acrobat, fire eater, card reader, barker or sleight of hand. In earlier times it was all about making the audience believe something and to put them into a fantasy world to escape from everyday life. This sense is probably still the same today. To create fantasy worlds.