Choreographed fast lifting acrobatics show on roller skates

Lifting acrobats & strength acrobats booking Berlin

Full body control and never seen balances
Book in Berlin. Lifting acrobatics &power acrobats. Harmonious-powerful acrobatics artists choreographed to modern, suspenseful music, one of the most expressive performances of the genre.

Lifting acrobats with gilded bodies of Foeldessy Entertainment rise in the most graceful way

powerful acrobatics

Golden acrobats combine with powerful acrobatics
their bodies into graceful statues that they bring to life again and again through dynamic movements.
The gilded lifting acrobats offer an artful play of gravity, strength and harmoniously powerful choreography to suspenseful music.

hand on hand acrobatics

Harmonic and athletic hand-on-hand acrobatics
with the highest degrees of difficulty are shown by the lifting acrobatics duo.
With delicate music they mix acrobatics with modern expressive dance and acting.

Harmonious hand on hand strength acrobatics
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← Acrobatic Adagio Partner Acrobatics.
With delicate music, they blend acrobatics with modern expressive dance and acting. (Left)

Powerful acrobatics with slow flowing movements. In an installation, the silver power acrobat shapes himself into various sculptures while floating and using muscle power. Booking Artists at the Artists Agency Berlin. (right) →

Harmonious-powerful partners Lifting and power acrobatics choreographed to modern, suspenseful music, at the 31st Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. (below) ↓

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