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Foeldessy Entertainment presents the best magicians in Europe

Charmant täuscht die Magierin die Gäste mit der Verzauberung alltäglicher Gegenstände

This magician is an original
a crazy and theatrical magical artist who performs internationally for cabaret and social events. What can a diva of magic do for you? In her interactive show she does not show everyday deceptions with everyday objects. Magically, does the sorceress change her size? “A glamorous eccentric crosses between Bette Midler and Mary Poppins … a mesmerizing blend of magic, fun and flamboyant.”

Magier zaubert Tauben, Kaninchen und seinen kleinen Hund hervor

Even if you have already seen animals
appearing from nowhere and disappearing into the same nothingness playing cards – the Finn with an almost Copperfieldian charisma does so playfully-light, fluently, calmly and confidently. With playful ease and elegant naturalness, he conjures up white doves, rabbits and small dogs. Charming and full of excitement is his magic show with animals, where one highlight is surpassed by the next. With its elegant appearance, perfect craftsmanship and youthful charm, the magician and animal magician enchants his audience and lets you immerse yourself in a world full of magic. An unforgettable pleasure – for spectators from five to 95!

Humorvolle iPad Magie wie Lagerfeuer Apps

Magic and Close Up Magic are available with modern media such as IPad, IPhone and drones.
The first German iPad wizard entertains with a magical mixture of original magic, cool slogans and amazing tricks. At close range, he shows how to use the iPad to bend spoons, multiply money or make a campfire. To give the guests an unforgettable experience, borrowed iPhones of the audience are also integrated into his close-up magic. The special thing about his show are the tricks he has developed himself. His viewers see magic that they have never seen before with any other magician.

Das Magier Duo zaubert inmitten des Publikums mit witziger und intelligenter Moderation

Tischzauberei experience your guests up close.
Lemons, balls, ropes, rings, balloon animals, banknotes, playing cards. Guests can touch everything, examine everything. The closer they look, the less they will understand. Unusual magic and funny, intelligent moderation. According to the motto: Money is not an evil – otherwise it would never be so easy to get rid of this mage doubles the money of a spectator. More: Banknotes swallow sugar packets and drag them into a mysterious world.

Der amtierende deutsche Meister der Magier verblüfft mit kühnsten Illusionen

Extremely charming and highly dynamic
he leaves the pure magic art far behind and takes the next step: the true miracle. Rolled up his sleeves and in front of the stunned eyes of the audience, the most daring illusions in his hands become reality. You can not understand it, because what this wizard performs in an inimitable way draws you into its unique magical spell.

Der charmante Magier überrascht mit seiner Moderation und Zauberkunst

The charming magician surprises with his moderation and magic
art and is brought only the bare minimum. Most of it appears from nowhere. The true miracles happen with the spectators and the spectators themselves, with desires, dreams and illusions. A cheeky mix of magic and comedy with a lot of situational humor. This program is presented as a fast-paced show with many gags and surprises. Laughter and amazement guaranteed! The whole thing is embedded in a charming dialogue with the guests. Situational comedy is trump and your guests will be astonished and smile. The magician mixes with the guests and entertains you with charm, wit and of course … magic.

Diese beiden Magier zaubern inmitten des Publikums und vermehren das Geld der Zuschauer

They will be up close
when the two banknotes of viewers multiply and they freeze 200 liters of boiling water within seconds to a huge block of ice. They will bend steel railroad tracks and lead a breathtaking fight with a monster saw. Her novel magic art has catapulted her rapidly to the top of the magic world and made her famous and sought-after stars in the magical world. For their excellent choreography, breathtaking magic and winking gimmicks in the limelight, they were the first magicians ever to be awarded by the superstars Siegfried and Roy of the “Magic Master of Originality”. Everything seems real, everything impossible is possible.

Junger Magier vermischt visuelle Illusionen mit unterhaltsamer Zauberei

Das Magier Duo präsentiert Ihnen exzellente Entfesselungs Stunts zu Ihrem Event

The unbelievable comes true
and the most elementary laws of nature lose their validity! Tremble as we stand out from the ground of reality in unique unleashed stunts. Many things are possible – nothing is impossible. Artist mediation erlin magicians conjure amazing and unexpected illusions.

Das Mentalmagier Duo liest die Gedanken des Publikums

Telepathy, hypnosis, memory art, mental magic.
This is where the magic of the mind comes to the fore: she reads hidden thoughts and he tracks down the data in the identity card and lets viewers believe in true telepathy. With subtle humor, the Mental Magician Duo takes its audience into the world of the paranormal and ensures with charm and quick tongue that the guests are well entertained.


Mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit und eleganter Selbstverständlichkeit zaubert der Magier weiße Tauben, Kaninchen und kleine Hunde hervor.

Close-Up Zauberei aus nächster Nähe inmitten der verblüfften Gäste

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