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Mobile bands hire Berlin

Mobile bands can often be seen in Berlin, at street festivals and city festivals. But also at events in connection with product presentations. Mobile bands excel at trade show events, where they can stroll between trade show booths



For city festival & street party

Mobile bands are booked a lot for the city festival and street festival. There, mobile musicians have the advantage of being able to perform everywhere where there is no space for larger shows. It is not uncommon that such events are sometimes financed by sponsors. If one of the sponsors is a bank, for example, but it has its location in a quieter corner of the place – with little public traffic, a mobile band can start right there, attract an audience by sufficient volume and entertain them, to the delight of the sponsor.

Marchingbands Berlin with cool outfit

Some marching bands in Berlin are on the road with imaginative outfits. Quite the opposite of traditional Berlin marching bands, the outfits of some strolling bands are absolutely cool. A common outfit and in addition a skilful choreography – that is already a show effect of the quite special kind. In the area of Berlin there are also a large number of mobile lady bands that you can book at your music agency Berlin. Then there are mobile bands in Berlin, whose types are already so cool that these can do without a common outfit right away. At Földessy Entertainment, you will find the whole range. Under the search term “Marchingbands Berlin”, you will find at your artist agency in Berlin, a huge selection of the best of the best.

strolling bands - mobile party bands - marching bands

In the old tradition

Traditional Marching Band Uniforms

Mobile & strolling, to the farthest corners

Coordination of the show acts

Champagne reception

The champagne reception is the first moment when people who come to an event meet. Often some small talk is held, information is exchanged. If a mobile band plays in the background, or – in the truest sense of the word – entertains the guests as they pass by, this can certainly contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere. Marching bands already contribute, by their imaginative, cheerful costumes to the good mood.

A champagne reception, during which a marching-band performs sometimes in this, sometimes in that corner of the location, respectively strolls through the audience, is then already a special event with a positive beginning of the event.