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Mobile Bands & Marching Bands in Berlin

The music is only part of the fun. The band is mobile and plays with the auditorium, sometimes comedic, sometimes provocative. They march and bounce through the crowd without electricity and without a stage, with wit and encourage the audience to clap, dance and sing along. The band makes without notes and amplifiers really mood also with top current hits from Prince, Madonna to Michael Jackson.


Ladies Marching formation

It is not surprising that this lady’s Marching Formation captivates the audience after a short time. And it always succeeds, because they make the right mood with top current hits from Prince, Madonna to Michael Jackson.


Mobile band

As a mobile band in the audience our professional and attractive violinist duo presents fast-paced crossovers of different music categories from classical music to rock and current pop music. A strolling band of ladies who enjoys entertaining in a rousing musical show in front of and in the midst of the audience.

So that your event does not run out of steam!

This mobile band as a marching band in Berlin consists of international performance musicians. They are one of the most successful Marching Band in Germany. Without electricity and stage, with wit and show marching, jumping and animating the audience to clap, dance, and sing along. In every single number: the direct contact, theatricality, a unique choreography.


Acoustic events

But the music is only part of the fun. Mobile and with a full cast, they play right in the middle, sometimes comedic, sometimes provocative. So that your event doesn’t run out of steam! With wit and show, they distribute instruments and play together with the guests


strolling ladies trios

The program of the strolling ladies trio includes many classics from pop and rock in new arrangements. The three-piece instrumented line-up can play on a stage, but they don’t have to!!! They play as a mobile band and still amplified, e.g. also directly in the audience; the band stands for action!

swinging ladies marching formation

A 4-piece strolling and swinging Ladies Marching Formation with swinging jazz tunes in a flexible line-up. It is not surprising that the four pretty ladies already after a short time the audience under their spell. And it always succeeds, even if the spectator is not an exclusive saxophone fan.

Mobile bands hire Berlin

Mobile bands can often be seen in Berlin, at street festivals and city festivals. But also at events in connection with product presentations. Excellent are mobile bands at trade fair events, where they can stroll between the booths.


For city festival & street party

Mobile bands are booked a lot for the city festival and street festival. There, mobile musicians have the advantage of being able to perform everywhere where there is no space for bigger shows. It is not uncommon that such events are sometimes financed by sponsors. If one of the sponsors is a bank, for example, but this has its location in a quieter corner of the place – with little public traffic, so a mobile band can start exactly there, attract an audience by sufficient volume and entertain them, to the delight of the sponsor.


In the old tradition

In the countryside, it is traditionally so, sat pretty much every small place has a mobile band. Traditionally, these play old marches that have been handed down for generations. As a rule, many wind instruments are used, such as the trumpet, trombone, flutes, and of course the tuba. As mobile drums are used, the portable bass drum and the snare drum, which is also portable in front of the belly, including cymbals.

Traditional Marching Band Uniforms

Marching bands in Berlin, if they are traditional marching bands, always wear their own uniforms. These are often worn for generations just so and presented with pride. Marching bands in Berlin or even traditional mobile bands are often organized in clubs. What appears to the spectator and listener as an entertaining, entertaining spectacle, is practiced in painstaking work and carried on over generations exactly the same way. The marching step has to be learned and practiced.

Marching band music is not easy to play. Mobile bands have to keep their eyes on the conductor, on the music sheet and march in sync at the same time. It’s a fine art that deserves every ounce of respect. Mobile bands in Berlin come in many different variations. Whether as traditional mobile marching bands, as flanging jazz musicians or as an entertaining strolling ladies band for a champagne reception. All these great mobile musicians you can book as talented artists, at the Musikervermittlung Berlin.


Marchingbands Berlin with cool outfit

Some marching bands in Berlin are on the road with imaginative outfits. Quite the opposite of traditional Berlin marching bands, the outfits of some strolling bands are absolutely cool. A common outfit and in addition a skilful choreography – that is already a show effect of the quite special kind. In the area of Berlin there are also a large number of mobile lady bands that you can book at your music agency Berlin. Then there are mobile bands in Berlin, whose types are already so cool that they can do without a common outfit. At Földessy Entertainment, you will find the whole range. Under the search term “Marchingbands Berlin”, you will find at your artist agency in Berlin, a huge selection of the best of the best.

Mobile & strolling, to the farthest corners.

Often catering areas are located a bit away from the action. The purpose is to give people the peace and quiet they are looking for to linger in muse at larger events. Seniors in particular really appreciate these areas. Nevertheless, these areas do not have to do without entertaining entertainment. If desired, one or the other mobile band can serenade as a music walking act to stroll on to the next secluded corner of the event area.


Coordination of the show acts

For mobile bands and marching bands, perfect timing is essential. Too easily one show act could collide with the other. Because mobile bands play music and could “get in each other’s way” with this music, professional coordination is needed. Who performs where and when, when are the stages played and by whom? All these situations are mastered by Földessy Entertainment. Of course, this also includes the preparation of contracts, the respective performance schedules, the accommodation in hotels as well as the artists’ catering.

Champagne reception

The champagne reception is the first moment when people who come to an event meet. Often some small talk is held, information is exchanged. If a mobile band performs in the background, or – in the truest sense of the word – entertains the guests as they pass by, this can certainly contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. Marchingbands already contribute, through their imaginative, cheerful costumes to the good mood.

A champagne reception, during which a marchingband sometimes in this, sometimes in that corner of the location occurs, or strolls through the audience, is then already a special event with a positive beginning of the event.