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Why a Berlin musician agency ?

Your musician agency and musician agency in Berlin. For over 25 years in Berlin, the musicians agency arranges live musicians of all genres. From party bands to classical musicians like violinists, violinists, whole ensembles and quartets. Also mobile bands and marching bands as well as lady bands can be booked at the musicians agency Berlin.

The head Ariadne Földessy and her experienced team of the Musicians Agency Berlin rely on their professional experience. Again and again concerts of classical musicians are visited, gigs of live bands in Berlin are observed and experienced. Thus, the strengths of these artists can be determined to set a realistic description in the musician file, from which you can ultimately choose. A good Internet presence and well-cut, dubbed videos are not a guarantee of a good and reliable band.

In the musician agency Berlin, the customer can also be suggested via authentic videos and photos, which could fit his type of event


Don't buy a pig in a poke

Of course, nowadays anyone can pick out a band on the internet that supposedly fits the event they are planning, and could actually be buying the cat in a bag. A good Internet presence is not necessarily synonymous with a good result.

To ensure that what matters is also top 10, it is more than advisable to book someone like the music agency Berlin, which ultimately guarantees the responsibility of the quality of the performance, as well as organizes and coordinates all processes.


How can you find out about which musicians?

Another possibility of an unadulterated impression is to visit a concert of the respective musicians. For this purpose, you will be informed of the concerts where a viewing appointment is possible.

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Classical musicians

For the most diverse occasions classical musicians are booked in Berlin. Of course classical musicians give concerts, where you can inform yourself in advance, as a guest. Classical music musicians are often booked for various occasions where only classical music is appropriate. For example, at the dedication of a monument, memorial or church. Furthermore, classical music is often used at a wedding or a christening, at an anniversary, conference as well as meeting. Or also at a funeral service. Classical musicians must be able to play not only discreet classical music, but can today – by means of loop stations change from light classical music to rock and pop music.


Classical Musicians

Jazz musician booking

At the musician agency Berlin you can book Jazz musicians, for the most diverse events and places. Of course you can hire jazz musicians for a jazz pub or restaurant as well as a hotel for the always popular background music. For a champagne reception and the eventual dance round. Often our jazz musicians are booked at open air events such as at the city or street festival. There also as Mobile Bands, who stroll with their music through the entire event area.

Party bands at the musician agency and artist agency Berlin

In particular in the area Berlin, there is a very large offer of party bands. The advantage; you can choose which of the party bands you want to hire. The difficult part however is, you actually can’t know which of the party band or rocking Ladies Band will meet what requirements. On top of that, it is additionally a greater undertaking to find out which of the bands are still free on the day you want to book a party band for. The answer: Musicians Booking Berlin! Földessy Entertainment as Full Service Agency arranges and organizes everything. From the request to the booking, from the proposal of the event location to the contracts. As artist agency Berlin we take care of everything, according to your event.

We are looking forward to you