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Jazz bands - Lounge bands

Classical - Violin Quartets - E - Violin Shows Pianists

Music - jazz music, party music, classical music - Dj s

Partybands - Coverband - Top-40-Coverband

These bands have specialized in playing well-known and popular party hits from the Top 40 charts. Our bands often rearrange well-known cover titles in bind own interpretations with or play true to the original. Cover bands usually play rock and pop music. With the increasing popularity of cover bands, certain categories have been established in addition to quality-oriented playing. Commonly known in this genre are top-40 cover bands, revival bands and tribute bands


Classical music, Violin Quartets, String Quartets Pianists

From the Viennese classical period to the present day, the string quartet, consisting of two violins, viola and cello, has been the most important genre of chamber music. The term string quartet refers to both the ensemble (quartet) and the musical genre, or a composition that emerges from it. For more information please click here:

The latest developments of this classical music can be found in the e-violin show or e-strings, electric violin show.

These are electric instruments played by means of a feed of well-known titles such as: “Pierrots of the Caribbean” to “Wake me up by”. Avicii

Our violinists not only play on electronic violins and are accompanied by beatboxers, electric cellists and harpists, they are always developing with the latest technology and belgeiten themselves with vocals, so a violin becomes a whole orchestra.

DJ -DEEjane - VideoDJ

From the event DJ, DJ who rounds off the evening with an instrument or singing, DEEjane who are visually a feast for the eyes over DJ with club LED drums or saxophone, DJ s who only play vintage music from the 20s to the video DJ who also visually embellishes the evening.