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Celebrate your bavarian Oktoberfest
Oompah entertainment with a brass band for guests from all over the world!

Our oompah entertainer bring the german feeling of bavarian gaudi at Oktoberfest, dancing, yodelling, drumming and with schuhplattler to all the people of the world:


Dancing and yodelling to oompah music
These young ladies entertain with the exuberant and boisterous temperament the Bavarian Oktoberfest visitors. In pretty silk dirndl dresses, ruffled and lacy blouses our bavarian female dancers and entertainer animate the audience dancing on the typical framed in blue and white Bavarian flag stage to dance and bring them to yodel until the guests are dancing on the tables.
Until the early hours of the morning, no one Oktoberfest party guest remembers to go home.


Bavarian schuhplattler dancers belong to the Oktoberfest.
To oompah music they are dancing in lederhosen, turn to the beat and clap their thighs.
Here, the schuhplatteln requires some stamina and can look back on a long history. In brazil there is the samba, in spain the flamenco and in bavaria the schuhplattler.
The name of the schuhplattler is related to the kind of dance, because traditionally the dancer beats with hands on his shoe soles, while the woman in dirndl turn around on beat. The schuhplattler is a courting dance to the lady.
These bavarian folk groups are in high demand worldwide, so they entertain at the steuben parade, which takes place in New York, each year.


Dancer in traditional Bavarian costumes
like lederhosen dancing on Bavarian folk festivals to polka and Oompah music.
Pope Benedict XVI. has been honored with this traditional Bavarian spectacle in honor of his 85th birthday in April.
A thousand costumes dancers in their traditional costumes – the men with felt hat and lederhosen, women with long skirt and white blouse – swung to brass music for the Pope on the dance floor.


An original Bavarian Oktoberfest Oompah Gaudi
Nothing of agricultural tools on the Bavarian farm is safe from them.
These drummers invent modern drumming new. One can not describe, guests from all over the world have to experience by themselves. The modern beats of the band bring the mountain range in a very special way to sound.


Entertainment, drumming with toolboxes.
Only the right tools make the show perfect, from the bucket to the toolbox or to sense drumming with everything can be music. Excluding agricultural items are drums, which are used for generations. Our Bavarian entertainment Showband conveyed in an entertaining way alpine tradition with a great drum experience.


Bavarian wood pins,
milk cans, tin boxes, and other everyday objects from the rural country life are the instruments of our Bavarian entertainer.
The only drum show in germany and in lederhosen. The rhythm musicians prove that anyone can make music with any object. While running in the background a film of their fathers, they are drumming on stage at the highest level.


Everyday milk chum objects
are played live in Bavarian scenery, this is the sound of Bavarian homeland. Introductory films of everyday scenes from the daily work of the mountain farmers run in the background, whose rhythm accommodate the musicians, taken apart and make a really nice rhythm Collage therefrom. A Great show with great instruments. All of those Bands you can book by the eventagency Berlin


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