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Celebrate your bavarian Oktoberfest party with our oompah bands and musicians!

Our musicians play a varied program of traditional, current and international hits with a choreographed stage show.
They will give you live experience of the unique german feeling of bavarian Oktoberfest all over the world.


Our bavarian Oktoberfest oompah ladiesband
play hits like the famous party hit from Germany:
Das Geht Ab! Wir feiern die ganze Nacht!
Or: Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, aber unsere Liebe nicht!
As a wealkabout formation interact with the guests and distribute the typical bavarian gingerbread hearts with traditional sayings to them. The 5 studied professional musicians are singer, saxophonist / singer, guitarist / singer, pianist / singer and lady drummer.


Temperamentfully and with flying dirndln
our ladies band brings Oktoberfest mood to the audience. Here they celebrate with thousands of guests in Hong Kong, dancing together to their oompah hits.
They pick up guests on the stage and together they dance while continue with Oktoberfest music. Especially the german Ententanz is very popular with the Asian audience. The musicians play a varied program of traditional, current and international hits with a choreographed stage show.


This is young, modern, bavarian music today.
This 2 man band in lederhosen play with an accordion and a redesigned guitar with a pitchfork. Just as their unique self-composed oompah hits they jump on stage or among the audience around. They master the balance between bavarian tradition and modern youngsters coolness, bavarian rebelliousness and pop culture. Witty and cryptic, they perform, play and sing krautrock songs about daily life and fruitless yearnings.

13 : 18 Hochformat

These mobile Oktoberfest ladies band
play with a lot of heart and musicality and take guests on the benches. Mobile and close to the audience they respond individually to their guests.
Their instrument have a very varied for mobile bands sound design which enables an extremely broad repertoire of bavarian oompah folk music. Their repertoire as a party and Oktoberfest band includes german hits like “Über den Wolken”, “Hey Baby”, “Westerland” and many more.
This ladis band trio are studied and passionate professional musicians and play instruments like percussion, guitar and saxophone with live singing.


This is our 5-person oompah band,
playing the typical bavarian sound on their wind instruments.
300 guests from India of the largest insurance companies, they conversed with original Bavarian folk music at Krongut Potsdam near the castle Sans Soucis.
In lederhosen they animated the Indian guests with well-made music and the unique atmosphere of the Oktoberfest for swaying and dancing.


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