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Party band Berlin wantedbook you ✅ unique party bands & hire musicians for ✅ unforgettable ✨ events. We make sure that your event will be a highlight for you and your guests: Book your party band with us in Berlin and ensure enjoyment, party mood, entertainment and deep emotions. Especially cover bands, awaken memories of songs you know.

Partyband Berlin & Musicians for your Event

Discover the enormous variety of our party bands and musicians! Make yourself a picture and get a first impression of what music, what mood and what costumes our party bands from Berlin and the wide world have to offer for your event. For sure, we lead the party band that suits your needs.

belle jazz band

Belle jazz

The Cologne native with Nigerian roots has only recently joined the Berlin jazz scene and provides with her warm voice...

berlin dance band

Berlin Dance the new, unused party music project from Berlin. Two singers, one band, DJ tools. Our great musicians and singers come from ...

party band berlin buchen

Dance Dance

A young, attractive band with flexible size design from 3 - 10 musicians everything is possible. Here unite on one stage up to 7 nations and music...

fun dance club band

fun dance club

Daniel grew up in Berlin as the son of Spanish parents. Already as a little boy Daniel could get enthusiastic about music. At the age of seven...

jazz lounge duo

jazz lounge duo and trios

They inspire with warm summery sounds and put us in all kinds of cheerful moods The duo manages to look like a ...

jazz walks band

Jazz Walks

A professional jazz band that plays virtuosic and versatile upbeat jazz, swing and Latin tunes with a lot of fun and humour....

lets move band

Let's Move

is an experienced party and event band known beyond Germany and Europe. The musicians play well-known sizes almost already legends ...

oktoberfest band berlin


Brass band, Wiesnband, Bavarian music, Oktoberfest band, alpine rock, party hits Hüttengaudi 100 %. Let yourself be carried away into the ...

party band club style berlin

Party Band Club Style

You are looking for a modern band, not the classic gala band, but would like to entertain your young employees and customers, as well as young at heart....

pianist und sänger

Pianist and singer

The German-speaking American pianist and singer was born in New York City and grew up in Washington D.C.. He studied...

soul und jazz musik

Soul and Jazz Music Dora

A unique singer born and raised in Jamaica, has arrived in Berlin after her stations in England, Spain, France and Holland...

play on band buchen

Play On

that is currently probably the most diversified live performing band in Germany with gigs all over Europe - and beyond...

russion grooves band

Russian Grooves

The instrumentation highly traditional, Maro blended the characterful Eastern melodies from the countries of the former Soviet Union with...

Our artist agency offers you a variety of party bands in Berlin, which meets every occasion and every taste: Book soloists, singers, duos, orchestras or bands with us: party bands, gala bands, live bands, cover bands or show bands.

Choose the music and musicians that fit your personal event and decide between classical and modern programs. Use the swing of rock, pop or folk. Entertain guests with familiar hits or set a real tone with classical and jazzy tunes. Crown your event by choosing musicians who liven up their performance with show elements. Because you will also find that in our repertoire: artists who not only master their instruments, but will amaze your guests with show interludes! Professional musicians and party bands of distinction. All these musicians you can book at the Musikervermittlung Berlin.

Our party bands in Berlin almost always include DJs with vocals and groovy percussion interludes as standard. Perfect party bands for the fair presentation and the fair party afterwards, we also lead in our artist agency. And of course, original lady bands.

You are looking for a party band in Berlin, but are planning an international event? No problem – we are happy to help you with a musical line-up that feels at home on the “boards of the world”. On the subject of booking a party band in Berlin & Hiring party bands for your event, we from the artist agency Berlin, are the right contact. If the artist scene in Berlin particularly appeals to you, then take a look at our page for “genuine” Berlin artists.


Bands for wedding - birthday - anniversary

Private parties do not have to exhaust themselves in a common feast and music “from the can” or from the DJ: With a party band your wedding, your birthday party or your anniversary becomes an extraordinary event. A real band, singers and dancers sweep your guests along with their performance in a very special way and spread energy that no one can escape. A DJ or videos, which are supposed to bring music and images into your event, cannot spread the magic of real musicians, a real band on stage.

Between solemn and joyful emotions, the wedding band moves. It brings the bride and groom together for the wedding dance and ensures that no one is bored and the party has no end. For this, the party band for a wedding has to unite very different people from different generations. This succeeds with a diverse repertoire.

Mood is everything. For this purpose, your party band will play evergreens and hits from all decades that will please you and your guests. Party guests love to sing along and shake a leg. It can also be interactive. Musicians who make contact with their audience or offer show interludes fit this. These can be acrobatic acts as well as special effects that spread an acoustic-visual magic.

Your guests are used to quiet, contemplative events? Then treat them to the sounds of wonderful instruments such as violins, harps, pianos or acoustic guitars. Singers who fill entire halls with their crystal clear voices also fit the bill. Artists also create a rather dignified atmosphere with their outfits: Here, large evening dresses dominate.

Company event with party band

Company events bring colleagues, employees and partners together and are a symbol of mutual appreciation. What could be more fitting than to choose a party band in Berlin, which lifts the mood and embellishes the togetherness? Party Band Berlin. Two words, many meanings. Whether soloists or ensemble, cover band or artists with their own compositions: With us, you will find singers, dancers or musicians who will enchant your guests and make your corporate event unforgettable. Book party bands at the Künstleragentur Berlin.

An event band in the classical sense entertains your guests discreetly during dinner and between the various speeches or in breaks during award ceremonies. If the “official part” of the event is over, the party band or cover band with the help of fancy soul voices and by means of the latest technology draws your guests to the dance floor. Under the term: Party Band Berlin, a very big number.

Curious now?

We bring you together with the right party band in Berlin. We take care of everything! Feel free to contact us. We coordinate the engagement of your local or international party band and can also support you in making your event technically and visually top-class. For this purpose, we offer professional sound and light technology and, if desired, also provide you with a decoration that creates the appropriate ambiance. A feast for the eyes and listening pleasure at the highest level! By the way; who operates under Party Band Berlin and is found exactly with the search term Party Band Berlin, does not necessarily have to be the best party band. The decisive advantage of our artist agency is that we know the hottest party bands ourselves and can therefore vouch for their quality. As a Full-Service Agency Berlin, we take care of everything, around your Vernstaltung.

Let this evening be unforgettable – party bands we hire for you, according to your wishes.


Why book with the Berlin artist agency?

In Germany, Berlin is the city where there are probably most of the republic's party bands. The reason for this is that Berlin is a decidedly party city. Not least because Berlin is a grandiose melting pot in which people from all imaginable countries and cultures have found a home. And all of these people brought their own culture and music with them. So if you think you can only find rock 'n' roll under the term party band Berlin, you are wrong. Today, party bands in Berlin play music from cultures all over the world and embody a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Berlin.
Fehlendes Foto  !!
Generation music
Party bands Berlin

People from different cultures often celebrate different festivals
If you expect a rock 'n' roll party band at an oriental wedding, you will quickly notice that - even in later generations, the music of the area of ​​their original origin or the origin of their ancestors will still be played. Which is a good thing, because in this way musical treasures of the most diverse music and influences are not lost - even for future generations.

All styles

At the artist agency Berlin, you can book party bands, women's bands and bands for any style you want. You can safely assume that every single one of the Berlin party bands offered to you by the Berlin Artists' Agency had to go through the strictest criteria in order to be included in the artist catalog.

Full service agency

Whoever books a party band in Berlin is often faced with a very large organizational task. This begins with the search for the suitable event location, continues with the decision as to which caterer in Berlin should be booked from a seemingly endless range. Where can you rent a sound system, where to get a stage and all the staff that it takes to organize a successful celebration

The perfect answer; Földessy Entertainment.
The full service agency is one of the most renowned event partners in the entire Berlin area. On the basis of years of experience, party bands are booked for events as well as everything that is needed to make a perfect event run smoothly and easily.

Party bands only at parties?

It is of course easy for a party band to perform where there is already a good atmosphere. Exactly - at a party. Real professionals are in demand when it comes to retaining an audience as a good band, to interest them and to create a good atmosphere, where there was actually no optimal starting point before. For example, with a promotion in a pedestrian zone or on a marketplace. Right where people didn't go to see a party band.

The musical diversity that enriches the capital among Berliners of different ethnic origins naturally lifts the entire party scene to a completely different level. Once very simple, original music, over the years and over generations it has mixed with modern sounds of all styles. And so there are party bands in the Berlin area from the field of rock ’n‘ roll, party bands with a more oriental touch or the sound of African music. Looking for a party band in Berlin? With us, the Berlin artist investigation, you will find the best of all party bands in the Berlin area. Even Bavarian Oompah bands that look Bavarian and play Bavarian party music are now usually reinforced by an enormous high-tech effort in order to be well heard in large beer tents or event locations, as well as in the outdoor area.
Party band Berlin

Women's bands - women's bands

In the Berlin area in particular, many women's bands have established themselves. Why is that? Even in the “golden 20s” there were particularly unusual and funky women's bands in the capital. The simple reason for this was that there was a great shortage of men and musicians after the First World War. Woman had to pick up an instrument. In the 20s, the women's bands played more Charleston or Rock ’n‘ Roll as well as Schlager.

The trend towards women's bands has persisted to this day. Also - for reasons of emancipation, a particularly large number of women's bands have formed in the Berlin area. What was considered trendy back then is of course no longer unconditional - or very limited. Nowadays, women's bands play all kinds of styles, and you can book women's bands in Berlin in a wide variety of ensambles. As a ladies party band or as a rock band, as a jazz or blues band, show band or as mobile, strolling bands.

Why are women's bands often booked preferentially? Basically, it shouldn't matter what gender the musicians are. However, it cannot be denied that women's bands have their very special charm, a different interaction with each other, including a feminine charisma. If the band members also dress in an attractive appearance, then, in addition to musical skills, the attraction of the appearance in the overall picture comes into play. Many women's bands in Berlin know how to use these components very well, with success that cannot be dismissed out of hand.
Even with product presentations, which are more about products that are intended to appeal to a female audience, women's bands are often preferred. Not every women's band agrees, but many like to dress in the client's colors or with the company logo. For some women's bands, a very specific outfit is part of the “brand”. And women don't necessarily want to give up that for a product to be advertised. However, if it can be done or combined, a hurdle to demanding - including - advertising appearances has already been overcome.

Show show show

How well the party band plays isn't the only thing that matters. Party means having fun, having fun, celebrating with the party band. In contrast to a classic ensemble, party bands in Berlin and all over the world focus on enjoying the overall experience. So the individual musicians can and should bring some show elements with them so that the music is alive and can be experienced. 
With skilful choreography they can be the backup singers, that can be a charming singer who lets go of a gag here and there, lets the audience sing along with the choruses. Maybe it is the drummer who brings in a few tricks with his drum sticks in juggling. It is the overall experience that creates the desired atmosphere in a party band in Berlin. And what makes the best party mood? Show - show show.

Latest technology, light & sound

Party bands that we book usually have the best of the latest generation of sound technology themselves. At major events, something has to be rented here and there, but this is easy for us because we are constantly in contact with the most competent technology rental companies in Berlin. In fact, it doesn't matter where you book our party bands. Whether in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Berlin. After more than 20 years in show business, we know almost every technology distributor in the republic.

Organization & processing

For a party band in Berlin, some things are unavoidable that require special organization. It's not just the stage, the electricity, and the lighting. A party band from the Berlin area does not need a hotel, of course, which makes the cost factor more manageable.
However, artist catering is essential for the musicians and technicians who are required to install and control the stage sound system and lighting. Personnel are also required to set up and dismantle the stage. A caterig has to be available for all of these people. Földessy Entertainment is happy to take care of this, as well as booking the catering company.

Contracts with all parties involved

In the offices of Földessy Entertainment, they are happy to take care of all legally necessary transactions. The contracts with the participating artists, technicians and the party band musicians are drawn up and signed there and compliance with the agreement made in the artist contracts is monitored.

Should some of the artists and party musicians have to travel from outside, we will be happy to arrange accommodation in hotels as well as transport to and from the venue.

On site, an artist's cloakroom or a suitable room that can be divided by partition walls for moving is required. It would be best to have several changing rooms and lounges for both the members of the party band and the technicians.

Földessy Entertainment is about more than just music. It's about what matters to your guests in their hearts.
For this it is so important that the band creates an atmosphere in which all guests feel comfortable, in which everyone can really let go on the dance floor.

You need a band that knows how to control the mood in the room and chooses the right next song with a lot of sensitivity and knowledge of human nature.
Our bands do everything to ensure that the guests storm the dance floor voluntarily.
What animates the band is often very surprising and different from nationality, age of the guests and industry, so that it really goes off.

And best of all: our musicians have a lot of fun with music.




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Request now!


Give us a call and we will provide you with suggestions for artists, process design, decoration, location and technology.

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