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Product presentations, fairs & events

We will find the suitable entertainment
for you and your guests!

Präsentieren und verstärken Sie die Botschaften Ihrer Produkte mit Messeshows, Artisten, Moderatoren und Künstlern

Bring your product and brand to life
visualize and enhance the benefits and messages of your marketing strategy through product presentations and trade shows. In the designed experience space at your fair, we celebrate and integrate your news and offer you a platform for communication with your customers.

Firmenlogo Produktpräsentation mit programmierten Schriftzügen

The highlight of your company event
is the logo made of light or the lettering of your brand name. Exceptionally colorful and threedimensional, the logos are drawn into the room and set in motion with specially developed artistry.

Künstlerin malt Ihre Produkte aus Sand

Created sand and company stories
on a very high quality level develop like sand by itself. Sand stories with content, charm and wit arouse emotions and make the soul dangle with musical accompaniment.

Eigens für Ihr Produkt choreografierte Tänze setzt Ihre Marke auf Messen in Szene

Focus on your product
and put it in the spotlight with the dancers. Dance serves as an efficient staging element to uniquely present your product. Immerse yourself and your customers in a varied presentation that you will not soon forget!

Unsere Künstler präsentieren außergewöhnliche Seifenblasenshows

Extravagant soap bubble shows
with soap bubbles in every shape and size enveloping the animals, their products and guests. Even adults like to be fascinated by the poetry of the soap bubble game. Bubble artists can integrate your company logo into soap bubbles, enveloping complete products and even groups of people.

Firmenlogo und Schriftzug in einer Seifenblase

Our bubble artists create bubble shapes
in dazzling colors and sizes, connect them to ever new artworks and float them like crystal balls. Soap bubbles Shows full of poetry create fantastic works of art and lead you into the magical world full of dazzling, fragile soap bubbles


Percussion Begleitung zur Einführung eines neuen Produkts

Acoustic and music support with drums, percussions for a product launchGeschichten aus Sand und Ihr Firmenlogo zu harmonischer Musik gestaltet

Sand artist

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