Singer with instrumental accompaniment sings jazz and soul

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This party and soul singer has an outstanding gospel,
soul and party voice. With her expressive voice, the singer in Berlin combines her love for jazz and soul. Solo or with 2 dancers, she presents well-known party hits of all times. Accompanied by piano and saxophone, she sings world-famous ballads. With an extensive repertoire for the small private party or a corporate event, with a lot of energy she manages in a short time to tear the guests from their chairs. The show can be used as the highlight of the evening or as entertainment at gala dinners – also with cover bands. One of the most booked singers in Berlin.

Singer interprets the greatest hits of Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich actress

This artist guested successfully as a revue star
in the Friedrichstadtpalast, in the musical Star Light Express, as well as in Las Vegas and Japan. This artist does not copy the original, but interprets in her own way. She sings all the great hits of Marlene Dietrich in English and German language like : “I still have a suitcase in Berlin” or “I am the fesche Lola” or “Johnny”, “Falling in love again”


berlin singer

An extraordinary singer with charisma
and a unique and flexible voice. Her repertoire ranges from pop, rock, Italian hits to musical. With expressive voice she combines her love of jazz and soul to a dynamic show, solo or with 2 dancers, she presents well-known party hits of all time. Accompanied by piano and saxophone she sings world famous ballads. The show can be used as the highlight of the evening or as entertainment at gala dinners.

Beautiful racy singer with piano accompaniment sings party hits
Songwriter and singer of the James Bond film scores

unique voice

She has a unique warm, dynamic voice,
a storyteller, a strong songwriter and live performer. She sings original compositions, a variety of jazz standards and the wonderful scores from past James Bond movies.

party crashers

The singer has been on the road for years in numerous bands worldwide
She played in Saudi Arabia, in China and in the Caribbean. Her references also include performances with the Last Ballroom Orchestra at the ICC or with the Rüdiger Hoffmann Band. A real party crasher. She is considered to be the entertainment canon par excellence. Musically she covers everything that pleases. Original is her moderation and entertainment. Whether pop – evergreens – rock ‘n roll “She has it in her soul”.

Entertainer as solo singer and with ladies band accompaniment
Opera singing


This soprano stands out not only for her great talent,
but additionally for a novel costume art. An oversized costume covered with glass elements and crystals adorns this singer during her performance.

a capella show

A cheeky and cheerful a cappella show
with titles reminiscent of other times. In matching costumes, our lady’s band entertains you, your guests and clients with live entertainment, dancing interludes and a fantastic stage show. Mediated by Künstlervermittlung Berlin


Three cheerful a capella performers sing evergreens
Tina Turner performer and singer with dancers

tina turner

A brilliant tribute to the Queen of Rock: Tina Turner!
Genius 100% live sung rock performance and show act with singer and dancers for gala, event and concert.

three part singing

Three-part singing packed in a fresh-cheeky show
Malways harmless bitches, sometimes blonde divas- entertainment from musical, chanson, swing and hits of the good old days and titles of the Andrews Sisters like: ” Bei mir bist Du schön” or “In the Mood”. In short: best entertainment with piano, band and orchestra accompaniment.

The ladies trio double the us girl group: Andrews Sisters


The vocalist, accompanied by a pianist, bassist and drummer, soulfully performs “Crazy for Love” in a pretty little ambient.

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The singer is not only “set on love from head to toe” but also pays tribute to the Berlin original Marlene in her show program by lovingly performing all of the singer’s songs in original costumes. (right) →

← (left) Stylish and charming, the Berlin singer and composer accompanies the evening of the guests with her piano and live singing on the roof terrace in the Reichstag Berlin. Book at the Musicians’ Agency Berlin.

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Hiring singers in Berlin

With Földessy Entertainment you can hire – book female singers in Berlin, for just about any occasion. Whether soul singer, jazz singer or singers for the backup of bands. Of course also classical singers for orchestras and general classical music. Many of our female singers in Berlin sing “as they were born to sing”


Simply from the soul, just like most of our soul, jazz and blues singers. There are styles of music where a sheet of music is rather a hindrance, or even not common. For example in party music, the blues or in Irish music and folk music.

Booking singers in Berlin with classical vocal training

For some types of singing, you need as a singer a classical vocal training Be it as an opera singer, as a musical performer and for some forms of jazz. And of course you can book singers in Berlin with classical vocal training with us. Booking multi-talented singers A singer you book for an opera can often also sing in a blues band, a jazz musician formation or party band. Many singers are multi-talented and thus provide, even for themselves for a kind of musical balance. Singing in a orchestra requires a lot of discipline and work. Performing in a party band as a singer is more like “letting yourself go with the music”.


Interaction with the audience

The interaction with the audience, the many possibilities of interpretation while singing. All this, although exhausting in its own way, is also a live soul massage and meditation. Event Organization Földessy Entertainment coordinates the entire event organization with the customer. From our artist file, which lists some of the best singers in Berlin, you can choose which of the singers fits your event. By viewing video footage, photos and by listening to audio files.

Visit live performance

On special request and if possible, you will also be given the opportunity to attend a live performance or a concert, where they can then form a final judgment. The entire organization of the engagement of the singer or singers in Berlin takes Földessy Entertainment.


Full service

From the preparation of the engagement contract to the possible booking of a hotel room. Also what the stage, stage technology such as a sound system, microphones, the lighting as well as the necessary technicians, we provide as a full service agency for all, which brings your event to success. Catering for singers what has to be thought of is the catering for the singers. In the dressing room there should be enough water and juices, if desired also tea or coffee for the singers. For the short break, sandwiches and for longer breaks, for example during a day engagement, catering should be provided in the dressing room, or food vouchers should be issued. What is also important is that separate changing rooms are provided for the ladies. Damenbands in Berlin Damenbands have a long tradition in Berlin. And even there, you can book singers in Berlin, with and for ladies bands.

Ladies Band

Ladies bands and their singers play in the most diverse formations as well as the whole variety of music styles. From jazz bands to ladies party bands to mobile bands, we offer everything your “heart desires”. Mobile Ladies Bands in Berlin have of course their own special charm. Also the most different outfits, costumes or – as with Marchingbands, uniforms, provide for an attractive overall picture. If an extravagant choreography is added, the good mood at your event, party or celebration is guaranteed. Wedding singers are often, for the church wedding as a solo Wedding singers booked or engaged.


Book a wedding singer

A “Ave Maria” sounds, especially in a church building with perfect acoustics, to “get goose bumps.” But even after the church wedding ceremony, the wedding singer can provide the desired, good mood with a half playback or with a party band. What distinguishes a wedding singer, what distinguishes one from the other as well as what repertoire you can expect; all this information you get at your agency for singers in Berlin, Földessy Entertainment. Book in the most uncomplicated way.

Pop singers

Good old German Schlager is here what country music is in the US. Schlager singers are in high demand for many kinds of events, such as advanced, round birthdays. Especially older people do not do easily with the trends, towards English language music. And the good old Schlager, also hits of past decades, hold much memory potential to the old time. Especially when sung by one of our Marlene Dietrich Doubles.

In fact, the Schlager is not something “from yesteryear.” “Marmorstein und Eisen bricht” (Drafi Deutscher) is not the only hit that just about everyone knows. Even nowadays, there are hit songs that make it into the charts – and thus there is a market and demand for hit singers for it that should not be underestimated.

Photos: Foeldessyentertainment – Musicians Agency Berlin