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Unique female musicians with artistic flair
play classical to Top Ten Chart Music Hits with artistic presentations on World class top level



Musicianship and perfectly shaped air dance
comes particularly and enchanting together in this female violinist. The artist floats vertically and horizontally through the airspace over the guests of your event. During her artistic “flight” she plays live on violin – and sometimes even upside down.
The light goes on and in gentle softness, the artist stands with her violin in the air. She floats. She plays. She realizes the unthinkable in her highest perfection. Consummate sound. Consummate acrobatics. And all this at a dizzying height.


This young female musician is the only solo saxophonist of Germany.
In her program she presents the best of pop, dance and classical music. Experience cover versions of Joe Cocker, Cher, Peter Maffay, Bette Midler or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
The culmination of each evening makes Ravel’s “Bolero”.


Charming and beautiful female violinist
with an exciting stage show from classical music to rock
to current pop music
in sexy costumes.

With her soulful playing she impressively underscores her reputation as an exceptional talent and she excites her audience.


This classically trained violinist
has always had a love and affinity for jazz and popular music. In her large repertoire of music from Bach to Blur is also everything in between!
Whatever affects your taste in music, the artist and her violin will fulfill all your musical desires.


Her graceful movements on the ground,
in the air and even while in the air rotating several times, she exudes a sensual grace.
The saxophone virtuoso of the air plays live a comprehensive repertoire of music, ranging from classical to pop and rock.
You will be amazed by her extraordinary and moving show act. Optionally, this show can be combined with a percussionist, an orchestra, showband or with a DJ.


Rhythmic performances
bind guests within this performance. This creates a good mood and brings the mood to cook.
The public is thereby encouraged to rhythmically clapping and dance along.
As a soloist, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud or fully to the twelve.
For parties, theater projects, dance, readings, percussion for bands and other projects of various genres. This percussion soloist plays a variety of instruments and effects. Individually or as a set, congas, bongos, timbau, shaker, and many more.


With soulful interpretations on the saxophone,
guests are welcomed at the entrance accompanied to jazz and pop music in the evening with a repertoire of masterpieces of classical music, such as movie themes, evergreens.

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