Sports acrobatics - sports artistry

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Sports acrobatics - sports artistry

Sport acrobatics – Acrobatics gymnastics

Here we are mostly excellent acrobats who have won from childhood in the sports clubs, in competition special championship titles, prizes and awards. This is usually from childhood on a pursued sport that was further consolidated into adolescence and then developed into a unique performance. Yearly championships are held in Germany and Europe, there the athletes have then already acquired many titles and then end with European Championships or World Championships or as an Olympian the sports career due to age. Particularly successful athletes then like to switch to the show area as a sport acrobat or sport artist.


Sports acrobats - Sporlter - Sportartists

We put together exactly the right athletes for our customers that fit the event. Over 20 years of experience offer you a great know-how. Our athletes are available for events, athlete balls, street shows, commercial sports, live events, streaming events, trade show shows and product launches.

Your brand is in the foreground and our athletes support especially with the younger generation through dynamics, unique style and power

Sport acrobatics or sport artistry has been around since over. 2000 BC years and thus belongs to the oldest sports in the world. Sports acrobatics is a sport in its own right worldwide and is completely underestimated. Sports acrobatics enjoys great popularity in England, Belgium, Eastern Europe, the USA, Russia and, in addition to Germany, China. Sports acrobatics is mostly practiced in groups without equipment and the age difference must be not be higher than 5 years.  Many acrobats come from sports acrobatics and discover the joy of acrobatics already in childhood in acrobatics