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Current trends in the field of street acrobatics

visualize the direction of the youth

Jugendliche Trends zeigen die Streetsportarten

Stunt Shows, Housewall Climber, Slackliner
Urban Dance, Housewall jumper, Skate Boarder, Freerunning, Live Painting, Parkour, Live Drumming, that is what inspires the youth of today to participate.

Yoyo Artistik, Sport- und Dice Stacker

This Yoyo artist shows tricks that seem almost incomprehensible and physically impossible. It’s as if the eye does not trust itself. Because not for nothing he is one of the top five Yo-Yo artists in the world. He also masters sports stacking perfectly. Yes, plastic cups are also a sport.

Das Rhönrad auf moderne Weise der Jugend vermittelt

Traditional german wheel and innovative Cyr Wheel staged in a modern way. As solo, in duo or in groups. Especially suitable on big stages.


tolle Nummer auf dem Alexanderplatz von einem Mädchen mit dem Cy Rad

Innovative Cyr Wheel Performance on a street festival in Berlin

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