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Vertical Violine

Vertical String





vertical-violinist germany          Jetzt demnächst Buchbar Vertical Violine mit Gesang und Strapaten. She has an incredibly diverse repertoire including film soundtracks, traditional dance music, pop and rock. Our violinist loves to interact with the audience making her a perfect choice for a variety of events. Versatile musician enjoys exploring different sounds and genres with both her electric and classical violinist.

Electric violin, short electric violin, is a string instrument whose sound is electrically amplified. Most electric violin refers to a string instrument with an arbitrarily shaped solid body, so a solid string carrier that does not serve as a resonator, but transmits the string vibrations to an electric pickup. In addition, electric violin can also designate an acoustic violin whose sounds are electrically amplified. Electric violins are mainly used outside of classical music in many genres, including rock or metal bands, jazz and fusion

Unsere Neue Artistin ist nicht nur Violinistin sondern auch Sängerin und Akrobatin, somit werden mehrere Genre gleichzeitig abgedeckt

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