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Strolling animation artists entertain with style and sensitivity at every event. There is direct contact between artist and customer

Animators, animation artists, I Pad caricatures, Close Up Magic with the I Pad, fantasy costumes, stilt figures, talking sofa, singing elephant, interactive robot that animates the audience, funny – singing waiters likewise interactive drummers, musicians or body drummers these performer are walk around acts. From the singing flash mop to the dancing flash mob and the strolling jazz . Call us or write

 Remote controlled Interactive or as a strolling act between the audience


Mirror performer


The artistry of these figures conveys the strong message that we are all mirrors to each other. It’s not what the audience sees, but who you are and what you do that matters. Our idea is to point out the change in ourselves if we want to see the change around us.  We are suitable for any type of events with our highly effective costumes,! Versatile act for a stage-based dance show, laser show, walkabout act or human statues.

Interactive Walk Act or Dance Stage Show. Mirror performer a spectacular & dazzling dance show in futuristic suits made of thousands carefully designed miniature mirrors. A group of professional dancers performs a symphonic show of movement, light, color, and magic.


moving or strolling animation artists as talking elephants or moving robots. These animation artists encourage the guests to chat and receive small gifts in the form of gifts from the customer or information flyers from the booth. Well suited for reception cocktails, shopping centers and trade fairs or to cheer up a conference break.


Talking walk acts

Talking sofa.

Everyone who sits on the sofa is involved in a stimulating conversation. Whether big or small, an exciting experience for every guest to take a seat on this couch and allow themselves to be with the artists. Whether as a photo motif at a gala event, a trade fair, large festivals or to interrupt a conference or shopping experience in a shopping center.

iPad caricatures IPad digital caricatures 

Caricatures every guest will get a caricature of themselves in a short time and this will be sent to their cell phone or email with a greeting from the company. Paper cut also very stout



Ipad caricatures

Fantasy costumes

unusual fantasy costumes for admission, whether historical or modern as a robot-running computer or just as a pure fantasy figure. Everything is possible


Disguised as garbage men

Garbage collectors come: diligently with brooms in hand, they clean every guest and every crumb is swept from the street. An interaction at the cocktail reception to shorten the time for the waiting guests and to make everyone laugh. Besides, a good photo motif

the duo tries to clean the pavement for the arriving guests with hilarious bends. Here, the two show the full range of their acrobatic skills, never knowing who is up or down, is it two or is it one? A turbulent number that leaves your guests no time to breathe


Disguised as service personnel
our entertainers provide entertainment, unexpected interactions with the public with slapstick inserts, sleight-of-hand tricks, pantomime and magic. They provide entertainment, make the audience laugh and amaze with comedy entertainment, sleight of hand, pantomime and magic. Humorous comedy and skits, make guests laugh with satirical contributions about celebrities or examples from everyday life. We are happy to put together your own animation.



Easter shopping

Animation mit Sprechendem Sofa, Stelzenläufern, Damen Streichquartett und barocker Gesellschaft

Der barock gekleidete Stelzenläufer unterhält die Gäste mit Hofgeschichten


Das alte Berlin, hier darf der Leierkasten nicht fehlen

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