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You want to book walking acts in Berlin? Földessy Entertainment has been working for many years with the most renowned walk acts in Berlin, at the most diverse events. At corporate events, open house, trade show events and outdoor events in Berlin. We have mobile artists and shows, suitable for any event.

What are Walking Acts – also called Walk Acts?

First of all; “Walking Acts” is not an actual term of the English language. In England, walk acts are called “walkabout acts. The term Walking Acts is a purely German invention, which is, however, very accurate. Walking acts are mobile artists who stroll (walk) through the audience.

Fantasy costumes of the walking acts

Walking-acts in Berlin and everywhere in the world where they are used, appear mostly in the most different costumes. These show characters are as good as always, the imagination of the artists who perform or stage walking acts. Many of these mobile show acts involve their audience in their performance, shake hands, perform small tricks. The widely visible light figures, are always very popular and sought after at events in the evening hours and at night time. They convey fantastic moments just by their appearance and illumination.

Police – Security, Caretaker

The list of activities, which Walkacts can take over exaggerated with comedy, or in addition, as the amazingly genuine-looking policeman, Security Officer or as a wacky janitor, is almost endless. There is also the mobile ice-cream vendor, who can’t sell a single ice-cream to a man, a child or a woman without a gag. Or the mobile shoe shiner, who serves his customers in the most charming way with his highly polished shoe shine store, dressed in the outfit of the 20s.

However, before the guests even arrive at Schuhputzer, they have to undergo a security check. At first glance, the security staff also looks genuine. Only at the second moment, when the handbag of a thoroughly respectable-looking visitor is examined for drugs, does the first suspicion arise that this security can’t be entirely genuine after all.

When (a fake) policeman comes to check that everything is in order, such a situation almost brings the barrel to overflowing. Maybe last but not least the janitor comes to clear the way of the guests into the event location from dust?

Mobile Bands & Marching Bands Berlin

Mobile Bands as well as Marching Bands, can perform at any suitable place – of course, only if they do not collide with other performances, best. The plan for everything to be perfectly coordinated is written by your artist agency in Berlin – Földessy Entertainment. Mobile bands – Marching bands, also known as mobile cover bands are preferably used at city festivals and street parties.

At such events there are usually stage programs and breaks. Especially during the breaks, the aim is to keep an inclined audience happy at the place where the next performance will start. For this purpose, mobile bands or marching bands are often used, which fascinate their audience with snappy sounds. In Berlin you can also see strolling lady bands in great frequency, who entertain an audience with their very own charm. If then a Marlene Dietrich double intones a song, the show is perfect.

If you want to book these walking acts artists, is in Berlin – your artist agency Berlin – Földessy Entertainment, the right contact.

Product presentation eye-catcher & advertising medium
Walking acts of the artist agency Berlin can be used perfectly at advertising events, as an advertising medium for product presentation. Walking acts, which stroll on stilts as eye-catchers through the audience, are highly visible from afar and create as imaginatively dressed figures the maximum.

As advertising media, walking acts can be visible from far away by dressing in the colors of your company or symbolizing the product to be advertised by their outfit. Also for the distribution of flyers and advertising info, such as giveaways, mobile artists are a charming and efficient solution.

Why book walking acts?

  • They are mobile and can perform in many different ways
  • They act as eye-catchers at trade fairs and promotional events
  • They make every event a special experience with imaginative outfits
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Mobile Bands Booking

Among the most original cover bands that you can book at the music agency Berlin are also mobile bands. Be it neat lady bands or music walking acts as well as marching bands. Marching Band as a cover band? Of course, the interpretation of the cover songs that a band intones, is left to the musicians themselves. Although a marching band is expected to perform only snappy marching music, many a listener will be surprised because this type of mobile band also interprets very current hits. Just – in the way that the hit fits a marching band interpretation. Marching bands, as the name suggests, are on foot and in the middle of the audience. However, they can also give square concerts, which always find an enthusiastic audience. We also arrange jazz musicians who cover well-known jazz music.